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Prevent Water Condensation Problems Using 8 Helpful Techniques

Today, property owners in North Carolina appreciate the importance of maintaining dry residential interiors. And of course, waterproofing firms offer valuable assistance in achieving this goal. One troublesome source of water damage frustrates some homeowners: water condensation. This brief article suggests eight useful ways to help prevent this common problem.

Water Condensation

Most people see examples of condensation frequently. Ultimately, as a result, water droplets eventually result from this process. It is incredibly unfortunate though when this condensation occurs indoors in unexpected ways. It may cause significant problems in basements and crawl spaces, for instance.

The term “condensation” refers to a chemical reaction reducing material to a denser form. For example, condensation occurs as steam leaves the air to form droplets. This process happens indoors more often than many people anticipate. Basement water condensation typically develops when humid, moist air intercepts a much colder surface. The air compresses and water droplets form as the moist air cools.

A Problem For Homeowners

Water condensation creates problems for North Carolina homeowners. This condition causes inconvenience on humid days. For example, water droplets forming on windows may obstruct clear views. This streaking also increases housekeeping burdens.

Long term undetected condensation sometimes results in property damage. In basements or crawl spaces, this process poses a significant concern. It ultimately promotes mold and mildew growth. Additionally, since water warps wooden surfaces, this issue potentially reduces the anticipated lifespan of buildings. Most experts recommend preventing unplanned water condensation to the extent possible.

Eight Useful Ways to Reduce Basement Water Condensation

Do you need to minimize basement condensation? If so, generally taking a few simple actions promotes this goal. Consider using these tips:

Install a Basement Dehumidifier

Firstly, one of the simplest ways to help prevent basement water condensation involves installing a dehumidifier. This technology extracts moisture from the air. Today, dehumidifiers vary widely in price. Contact a waterproofing company for assistance installing a high quality unit.

Prevent Basement Plumbing Leaks

Check over basement pipes to ensure none of them leak. Moist basement air sometimes results from leaking plumbing pipes or fixtures in this location. Hence, obvious signs of dripping water near exposed pipes must be found and also fixed.

Insulate Basement Plumbing Pipes

Sometimes water condensation (not leaks) occurs on the surface of plumbing pipes. Insulating exposed pipes may help prevent this problem. Wrapping the surface of pipes also helps minimize frozen pipes during winter (a common source of water leaks).

Seal Dryer Ducts

Do you use a dryer in the basement? Sometimes unsealed dryer ducts contribute to water condensation problems. Taking steps to seal dryer ducts may prove helpful. Ensure you can still access these locations for periodic cleaning, however. Dryer vents accumulate lint (for this reason, they require regular cleaning as a fire safety measure).

Move Basement Clotheslines Outside

Some households maintain laundry lines in basements. Consider hanging clothes outdoors instead. You’ll help reduce basement water condensation problems.

Add a Basement Fan

Another excellent way to reduce basement condensation involves installing an overhead fan. Use it only on non-humid days. The increased circulation through the area will help reduce condensation concerns.

Insulate The Basement

If you feel confident condensation accounts for a damp basement, then adding insulation may prove helpful. Refrain from taking this step if other reasons account for water in this location, however. You’ll want to correct any water seepage before insulating.

Prevent Water Seepage Into Basements And Crawl Spaces

Have you tried corrective measures but the basement still remains damp? The problem may stem from water seepage (not water condensation). Consider contacting a full-time waterproofing firm for assistance in this situation. Sometimes simple measures like installing a sump pump offer an ideal solution! (3)

Request Waterproofing Services

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