New Construction Waterproofing Services Help Customers Save Money

Increasing knowledge about the significant long term risks of water damage has prompted more builders to consider waterproofing issues. Today, most experienced contractors pay close attention to this concern. Developers frequently request assistance from new construction waterproofing consultants in advance of launching projects in North Carolina, in fact.

Homeowners associations, real estate brokerage firms, lenders, and home buyers also discover important advantages in reviewing basement waterproof plans for residential properties. Implementing effective water damage control measures during the construction phase sometimes yields huge dividends down the road. This brief article explores just a few of the ways new construction waterproofing services help protect your bottom line.

An Ounce of Prevention…

First, to really appreciate the vital importance of addressing waterproofing concerns during the earliest stages of construction, consider two possible scenarios. In the first example, an investor interested in developing a well-planned new residential community retains the services of a waterproofing firm. The consultants seek to ensure adequate yard drainage for every home within the planned development. In calculating the initial homeowners association dues, the promoter budgets for the new HOA to obtain funding to periodically inspect and repair French Drains and retaining walls within the residential community. Planners also supply an initial waterproofing plan for every tract.

In the second scenario, no one pays specific attention to yard drainage issues during the planning phase. The promoter does not undertake French Drain construction to prevent water pooling in low-lying areas. The new HOA fails to budget for this feature, or to specify easements for future community waterproofing structures. After the completion and sale of homes, some property owners do implement waterproofing measures. Others do not.

New Construction Waterproofing: A Matter of Dollars And Sense

In the previous scenario, which set of new homeowners would enjoy the the greatest level of satisfaction as purchasers? Which subdivision would likely maintain the highest property values during future decades? By considering yard drainage issues and basement waterproofing measures right from the outset, a developer effectively helps chart the future of realty years into the future.

Taking a proactive stance on waterproofing within a residential realty development ensures a more comprehensive, uniform effort to prevent water intrusions. It helps protect home values more effectively. It also reduces friction between adjoining property owners by helping to make sure the construction of a retaining wall in one location won’t inadvertently contribute to the pooling of water somewhere else. Supplying an initial basement waterproofing plan for every finished home demonstrates a concern for an issue of vital importance to residents.

Beneficial For Community Assets, Too

Today, many new developments in North Carolina plan for the establishment of homeowners associations. As well as the creation of shared community assets. These features may include social centers, fitness facilities, natural areas, golf courses, and hike and bike trails. Paying close attention to new construction waterproofing issues at an early phase in the project enables developers to protect important community assets from water damage more effectively.(1)

For example, in some cases, a development may choose to channel water runoff from several low-lying yards into well-designed community landscaping features, such as a lake or a pond. While initial homeowners association fees may prove higher in this type of comprehensively planned subdivision, over the long term the ability to maintain effective waterproofing ultimately helps save residents a lot of heartache. Home buyers encounter fewer repair bills. A developer may reduce the potential for litigation stemming from property damage allegedly due to a lack of waterproofing planning.

An Important Issue For Lenders And Real Estate Brokers

When new construction waterproofing occurs, it helps create a more favorable long-term environment for residents. For example, few home buyers appreciate purchasing a lovely new residence with an unfinished basement only to discover later that water intrusions thwart efforts to transform the lowest level of the home into a living space. Some people invest in properties with the intention of making cost-effective improvements. Basement waterproofing issues potentially delay (or even prevent) the full utilization of certain properties.(2)

By obtaining new homes replete with basement waterproofing plans, buyers gain a much better understanding of a home’s potential to fulfill their goals.(3) They learn right up front whether or not they’ll need to make improvements to maintain a dry, comfortable basement. Astute real estate agents may discover advantages in discussing this issue with home sellers.

Further Information

Do you anticipate constructing a real estate development in the Greater Raleigh Area soon? Or perhaps you’ve contemplated undertaking a custom home building project? To obtain experienced local new construction waterproofing services, contact Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. We offer expertise in this field. Send us an email, or contact us at 919-877-9969 for assistance. We look forward to speaking with you!



Why Developers (and HOAs) Request New Construction Waterproofing

Today, a growing number of real estate industry professionals appreciate the vital importance of obtaining new construction waterproofing services. Sometimes, requesting this assistance during the planning phase helps property owners save tens of thousands of dollars later. Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. specializes in supplying skilled new construction waterproofing.

Recognizing a Widespread Problem

Today, most developers appreciate the benefits of considering waterproofing issues during the planning phases of construction projects. Builders who erect dry, comfortable high-quality structures gain a reputation as exemplary craftsmen. Many contractors realize the serious long term problems resulting from water damage. Simply taking steps to control water intrusions and yard drainage at a site more effectively during construction often helps prevent expensive property losses later.

Indeed, waterproofing has become a greater concern nationwide for developers during recent years. In the past, waterproofing failures have figured prominently in court cases in other states. For example, during 2012, a community association sued a developer in Oregon alleging a cracked slab and inadequate waterproofing had contributed to water leaks in a building’s parking garage.(1) In 2017, a condo association filed a lawsuit against a developer in California seeking damages for several building defects, including allegedly inadequate window waterproofing measures.(2) Careful developers and builders in growing numbers appreciate the importance of taking basic precautions to provide any necessary waterproofing solutions during construction.

Waterproofing in a Timely Manner

While some structures don’t require extensive waterproofing, many others benefit from this assistance. A variety of considerations impact the need for waterproofing services. If a developer foresees likely waterproofing concerns arising for property owners in the future, it may make sound economic sense to initiate waterproofing during the construction phase. In fact, in some situations, developers find themselves in the best position to implement subdivision-wide improvements (or to arrange for future development-wide waterproofing measures).

For example, attorney David C. Swedelson possesses extensive experience representing condominium associations. He wrote an article in 2011 arguing that condo associations often find themselves better suited to obtain waterproofing for balcony decks than individual condo owners. While all of the members of a condo community do benefit from this type of property-enhancing measure, individual unit owners occasionally procrastinate. Some owners may fail to complete the project in a timely manner, or they may neglect this responsibility completely.(3) A developer who seeks to build an exemplary master-planned community or an in-demand subdivision may discover value in drafting legal documents enabling future COAs or HOAs in the subdivision to allocate funds to oversee any ongoing waterproofing responsibilities in the future, for instance.

New Construction Waterproofing

When should developers and builders consider new construction waterproofing? We recommend devoting some attention to this concern during initial site planning. If problems arise later, a developer who has at least considered moisture control and yard drainage issues demonstrates a higher degree of care than a developer who ignores these important topics. Taking steps to waterproof new homes and commercial structures at a building site may help avoid heartbreaking property damage a short time later.

In fact, new construction waterproofing represents a true “win-win” situation. It benefits the developer, the builder, and future property owners. Just consider a few of the advantages this process offers:

  • Developers and builders demonstrate care in addressing this issue responsibly;
  • New construction waterproofing helps new buildings remain waterproof and dry;
  • Implementing some types of waterproofing solutions during new construction proves less expensive than adding them at a later date;
  • Some developers create comprehensive waterproofing plans to assist future residents in maintaining effective waterproofing;
  • A developer may even take steps to assist the HOAs and COAs in the subdivision in funding (and implementing) ongoing waterproofing measures, as the need arises.

Waterproofing: An Important Construction Goal

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. recognizes the importance of waterproofing issues in today’s dynamic North Carolina construction marketplace. Increasingly, careful developers in this region strive to include effective moisture control and yard drainage measures in their plans. The ability to create dry, comfortable premises matters to both builders and their customers. We appreciate the opportunity to help promote this goal!

For example, our clients frequently ask us to pour concrete basement walls for new homes and commercial buildings. We’ll also assist developers and builders by installing interior basement drains, exterior French Drains, retaining walls, or other waterproofing improvements during construction.(4) Essentially, we don’t like to wait for moisture and dampness to cause property losses before we implement these measures. New construction waterproofing helps protect real estate against likely water damage. It promotes dry interiors right from the outset.

Obtain New Construction Waterproofing Services

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. serves people throughout Raleigh, North Carolina and outlying areas. We offer a variety of vital waterproofing solutions, as well as new construction waterproofing services. We’ll work closely with developers, builders, property management firms, Homeowners Associations, Condominium Associations, and individual property owners. To request new construction waterproofing assistance, or any other waterproofing services, simply contact us at 919-877-9969. We look forward to meeting you!

New Construction Waterproofing: 3 Reasons To Make This Intelligent Decision

New Construction Waterproofing

In the Greater Raleigh Area, customers frequently request new construction waterproofing services from Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. We’d like to suggest a few reasons why using this service could help you save money if you’ve decided to undertake a building project in this beautiful part of North Carolina. By incorporating waterproofing intelligently into your design plans, you’ll ensure your project offers better value over the long term anticipated lifespan of the structure!

Reason #1 Avoid Waterproofing Expenditures at a Later Date

Of course, the obvious reason to request new construction waterproofing assistance involves obtaining the benefits of these services from the inception of a project. When you plan the building of a residence, a commercial building, or a subdivision in advance with this goal in mind, you may reduce the need to make additional waterproofing expenditures at a later date. In many cases, thinking proactively about controlling basement or crawl space moisture helps reduce the overall cost of implementing waterproofing improvements, in fact. You’ll have an opportunity to design a fully integrated waterproofing system into the proposed new construction.

For example, contractors installing a new concrete slab may ask Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. to assist with issues such as optimizing slab waterproofing from the outset. We also seek to ensure the surrounding yard drainage does not create water pooling or other rainwater runoff problems. Taking some comparatively simple measures at this stage may yield significant dividends in terms of obtaining a dry, securely waterproofed structure.

Reason #2 Prevent Potentially Costly Property Losses

A second reason to request new construction waterproofing relates to the importance of preventing costly potential property damage. Water pooling in basements implicates more than the need to undertake basement moisture control measures. Sometimes, this situation causes painful personal property losses. Obtaining new construction waterproofing generally proves preferable to seeking waterproofing services following this type of damage.

For example, it’s possible you anticipate installing a finished basement in your new residence. In that basement, you may plan to use it to store important personal items.  Doesn’t it make sense to do everything possible to try and prevent water leaks from the outset? A damp or flooded basement may wash away a lifetime of treasured family photos, furniture, and other personal belongings.

Taking steps to waterproof a home or business during the construction phase may help minimize losses in some situations. No one can prevent every potential loss, but intelligent planning can often minimize or eliminate some risks (including many water damage threats).

Reason #3 Obtain a Useful Feature For Marketing Purposes

Many developers, builders, and custom home buyers also request the help of Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. in order to enhance a project from a marketability and sales standpoint. A prospective purchaser in this area may view the implementation of new construction waterproofing as a very positive feature. Having waterproofing measures already in place increases the benefits supplied by the property.

For example, if you considered purchasing a newly constructed home, and all other features proved equal, wouldn’t you prefer the property which offered built-in waterproofing protection? One should seal encapsulated crawl spaces from the outset. As well as, install sump pumps in basements. And always add necessary water runoff and yard drainage features, such as a gutter system and french drains.

We strive to enhance the waterproofing capabilities of new constructions. This process may add solid value to a single residence or to an entire new residential development. If the owner eventually decides to sell the property, the improvements we made during the construction phase will almost certainly contribute to the marketability of the real estate.

One Important Point—

You can request our assistance at any stage of your build project. However, we recommend taking this action at the earliest possible time. Why? When you include us in your building team at a preliminary stage, we’ll assist you in incorporating useful waterproofing measures into the construction from the very beginning of the project. Our input may ultimately help optimize efficiency and minimize construction expenses.

Further Information—

Do you plan on undertaking a new construction project?

Maybe even a new home addition in the future?

You may find it useful to speak with us during your planning process…

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your upcoming project with you and to supply important new construction waterproofing services. Our company founder holds a license as a General Contractor within the State of North Carolina. Rely on our experience and expertise in the waterproofing field to enhance your next project! We look forward to helping you obtain solid value through new construction waterproofing.

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