Crack injections; A Powerful Technique For Repairing Concrete

As an experienced waterproofing contractor, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. sometimes assists customers by performing crack injections. This process supplies a valuable technique to help prevent small cracks in concrete surfaces from enlarging into significant defects. Yet this type of project involves considerable complexity. Customers frequently wish to know more about this important technology.

Crack injections

About Crack Injections

Today, many builders appreciate the strength, durability, and versatility of concrete. This building material occurs widely in both commercial and residential settings. From building foundations to basement walls to landscaping features, it helps create many important structures. Yet it proves essential to correct cracks in concrete in a timely manner.

Crack injections involve carefully infusing a waterproof material into a concrete crack. Typically, polyurethane or epoxy formulations serve this purpose. The injection helps forestall further water damage at the site. It may stop a small concrete crack from widening over the course of time.

When Crack Injections Prove Useful

Today, crack injections hold utility in a variety of circumstances. For example, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. frequently uses this technique to effect waterproofing. We may perform crack injections to prevent water from seeping through cracks in a basement or a foundation. In some communities, swimming pool repair companies also utilize this process.

Surprisingly, during recent years, a growing number of companies have performed “above grade” crack injections. These massive building projects sometimes seek to preserve failing infrastructure. For instance, a few years ago, an earthquake damaged many buildings in New Zealand. Above-grade crack injections helped maintain some badly damaged structures after the natural disaster.

A Complex Technique: One Illustration

We work primarily with polyurethane crack injections. Our company usually performs below-grade non-load bearing concrete repair services. Our firm offers valuable assistance to property owners seeking waterproofing. We devote considerable attention to work site preparation, an essential part of the crack-injection process.

Today, crack-injection often involves a lot of complexity. For example, companies undertaking above-grade repairs frequently use epoxy formulations. The ASTM C881 sets out standards for these materials. It lists seven types, including six classifications and three distinct grades. Epoxy formulations, viscosities, ambient temperatures, and site preparation all impact the final results.

Why Repairing a Leaky Basement Supplies Long Term Value

Why does an investment in waterproofing crack injection services usually make sound financial sense? Over the course of time, unrepaired cracks in concrete gradually widen. A leaky basement or foundation may allow water to seep into a crack and freeze. The pressure of the expanding water eventually widens the crack further. Crack injections help arrest this damaging cycle.

Of course, performing an injection cannot guarantee another crack won’t occur in a different location. Sometimes property owners in North Carolina need to conduct waterproofing inspections every few years. Taking this step helps them identify (and repair) any new concrete cracks in a timely manner. It ultimately helps maintain a building’s anticipated useful lifespan.

Working Closely With Property Owners

We work closely with real estate owners whenever we undertake injections. We strive to ensure the property owner understands the importance of regular waterproofing inspections. Additionally, cracks form in concrete for a variety of reasons. For example, in some cases, shifting soil places pressure on concrete surfaces. If the ground remains saturated with water, new leaks may occur eventually.

Our commitment to our customers extends beyond performing crack injections. Furthermore, we encourage customers to help create long-term waterproofing plans. Also, this step may involve requesting periodic waterproofing inspections. In some cases, undertaking crack injections every few years helps maintain the anticipated useful lifespans of homes and businesses.

Request Crack Injections to Enhance Waterproofing

Would your North Carolina property benefit from crack injections? Additionally, customers in the Triangle Area sometimes require this important waterproofing service. Also, it remains vital to ask a knowledgeable contractor to undertake this type of project. Improperly performed crack injections may fail.

As a licensed contractor, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. possesses expertise in completing this type of assignment. For example, we may use an injection to repair small cracks in basement walls or residential foundations. Also, our company performs careful site preparation. We work closely with property owners to solve waterproofing problems.

Our service area extends across the Greater Triangle Area. Contact us for assistance in Raleigh, NC. We also provide crack injection services in Durham, Chapel Hill, and outlying locations. Call us today at (919)-877-9969. Lastly, we look forward to assisting you!

Crack Injection Repair…. Has Your House Shifted?

Crack Injection Repair….. Has Your House Shifted? At first glance, this crisis on the big island of Hawaii seems far removed from North Carolina. Residents of this area certainly experience sympathy for property owners who have suffered such devastating losses.

In this part of the United States, we face considerably fewer risks of encountering sudden volcanic activity. Yet this tragedy does hold an important message for real estate owners everywhere. Although largely unseen and usually very, very slowly moving, geologic forces do not remain immobile. Even the massive expanses of earth beneath our feet do indeed move and change over the course of time.

During recent weeks, the tragedy facing hundreds of homeowners in Hawaii has received extensive news media attention. As the active Kilauea Volcano spewed noxious gases into the air and sent burning hot flows of lava surging towards the Pacific Ocean, civil defense teams hurried to evacuate nearby residential areas. Many homeowners learned their property had become uninhabitable as a result of the unexpected natural disaster.

The geologic activity underway in Hawaii at this moment seems frightening in its magnitude and scope. However, the lava flows we witness today will eventually cool and form seemingly stable ground. Kilauea and other volcanoes have helped shape and re-shape the map of the lovely Hawaiian Islands for thousands of years; they showcase the awesome power of natural forces.

Shifting Soil: A Common Occurrence

Geology in fact potentially impacts real estate everywhere. Most people never experience cataclysmic geologic changes first hand (thankfully!). Homeowners in the Greater Raleigh Area do see indirect signs of the slow movements of soils underground in some situations, however.

Has Your House Settled Creating Cracks?

Perhaps you have heard of cases of homes requiring foundation repairs due to shifting top soils? Or seen signs of “settling” in a new home a few years after construction? A variety of natural forces potentially interact with soil to create transformation and movement underground.

Uncontrolled flows of water beneath the ground remain one of the most potent forces for producing changes in topsoil, for example. In some cases (certainly not all), cracks develop in residential foundations and basements due to water pooling beneath a home.

Over the course of time, often a period of decades, this situation may produce unwanted impacts due to gradually shifting underground soils. In extreme cases, it may even cause serious structural problems in residential properties unless homeowners implement corrective measures.

Crack Injection Repair

Of course, unlike geologic formations which usually remain for eons, the typical residential wood-frame structure maintains a more fleeting existence. The anticipated average useful lifespan of a dwelling today exceeds 100 years. Some houses (particularly ones constructed from brick or stone) enjoy a longer effective lifespan, while many mobile homes and manufactured houses endure for less than a century.

In evaluating foundation and basement repair issues, homeowners need to remember these corrective measures don’t serve as a permanent “cure all”. Instead, they prevent the pace of ongoing damage to a basement or foundation from prematurely cutting short the anticipated utility property owners enjoy from the residence.

A waterproofing company, such as Raleigh Waterproofing Inc., may also offer constructive suggestions for preventing (or slowing) further deterioration from uncontrolled drainage or water intrusions.

The process of crack injection involves injecting specially manufactured epoxies or polyurethane into developing concrete cracks to help seal these fissures. If left open, cracks in concrete will allow water to seep into a basement or foundation.

When water freezes, it expands in size. Over the course of time, the cycle of water-filled cracks subjected to repeated freezing and thawing serves to enlarge the scope of a foundation or basement wall crack.

Simply sealing unwanted foundation and basement concrete cracks greatly retards the process of the deterioration of these structures.

Taking this step may help homeowners immensely. It sometimes marks the difference between maintaining a residence in a waterproof, habitable condition or encountering significant repair bills down the road!

Local Foundation And Basement Crack Injection Repair Assistance

Have you noticed worrisome crack formation in your home’s basement or foundation? Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. assists homeowners in the Greater Raleigh Area and its environs. In many situations, we prevent ongoing damage to these structures from robbing homeowners of the benefits of their investment in their home.

Skilled crack injection services may offer a viable solution to stem the development of foundation and basement cracks. These repairs may stop water damage from prematurely causing structural problems in a home, for instance.

If you’d like to obtain a waterproofing inspection of your basement or foundation, contact us at


We look forward to assisting you in maintaining your residential basement and foundation in the best possible condition!

Why Concrete Crack Injection Promotes Waterproofing

Today, homeowners across the United States sometimes benefit significantly from concrete crack injection technology. Using this repair method has allowed Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. to assist many customers. Also, we help homeowners obtain better basement waterproofing in this part of North Carolina as cost-effectively as possible.

This important repair method offers valuable assistance in certain circumstances. Two important current uses for concrete crack injection in residential construction include solving some basement waterproofing problems and addressing serious foundation problems.

Fortunately for our customers, crack injection as a means of waterproofing usually costs considerably less than crack injection as an alternative to foundation replacement!

Crack injections

Concrete: A Popular Building Material

Concrete provides an important construction material in the modern world. This substance allows builders to create strong, level surfaces.

Just a few of the many infrastructure items frequently made from concrete include sidewalks, patios, foundations, swimming pools, retaining walls, and pillars. Therefore, many large buildings rely on concrete columns and foundations for support.

Unfortunately, during the curing process, concrete normally shrinks. Small fissures may form on the surface. Water entering fine cracks in concrete can cause significant problems. Also, when it freezes, water becomes ice.

Unlike most substances, water actually expands in size as it solidifies. (Thus, over the course of time, cracks in a damp basement exposed to frigid winter temperatures may actually become significantly larger in size and depth.) Property owners minimize problems with concrete by repairing cracks regularly and by maintaining warm, dry basements.

About Crack Injection

One popular method for repairing certain types of cracks in concrete involves crack injection. A repairer inserts a bonding material (usually a type of epoxy or polyurethane) into the crack, sometimes under intense pressure.

The injected material hardens in place quickly, although it may retain elastic properties. Also, some polyurethanes even resemble rubber. They help prevent water from expanding the size of deep cracks and causing dank, unhealthy basement conditions.

Many different types of concrete repair materials populate the commercial marketplace today. They vary widely in terms of their toughness and elasticity. Several products work well to fill superficial hairline concrete fissures; homeowners can apply these coatings on a periodic basis themselves.

However, we recommend allowing experts to perform crack injection. Deep cracks usually benefit from experienced repair services (like those provided by Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc.) For example, many waterproofing experts use polyurethane extensively and this technique may ultimately help customers avoid significant repair bills over the long term.

Further Information

If you believe crack injection might assist you in maintaining basement waterproofing, consider contacting Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. for experienced assistance. We frequently perform basement waterproofing inspections.

Our company serves customers in the Greater Raleigh Area by supplying a number of important waterproofing construction services (including crack injection, crawl space repair, and basement and foundation waterproofing services). Lastly, contact us for assistance at 919-877-9969. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Request Crack Injection Technology to Help Waterproof Leaky Basements

Request Crack Injection Technology to Help Waterproof Leaky Basements

Did you know Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers services to help fix some cracked and damaged concrete basements and foundations? We have the top crack injection technology to help fix any crack at any home. This cost-effective technique, when applicable, enables property owners to maintain these locations in a safe, waterproof condition. It potentially offers a way to extend the useful anticipated lifespan of some structures by preventing small cracks from expanding in scope over the course of time. Consider learning more about crack injection to discover an important way to help protect your investment in your real estate:

Crack Injection Technology

How Crack Injection Saves Some Homeowners Hefty Bills

Crack injection does not provide a solution for every type of foundation damage. Yet when applicable, it may indeed help a property owner save thousands of dollars in construction bills. The key to applying this repair involves detecting serious cracks in basements and foundations at the earliest possible point in time.

Crack injection repairs frequently occur upon the recommendation of a consulting structural engineer. During the process of crack injection, a waterproofing specialist typically applies an epoxy-based sealant into gaps formed by developing concrete cracks. This process helps fill the cavity. It also seals the location against damaging impacts from water leaks. This type of repair offers valuable assistance to homeowners. When successful, crack injection helps prevent the deterioration of the vitally important concrete structures underlying the dwelling. The technique in some situations may enable a property owner to avoid significant costs involved in replacing a slab, a foundation, or a basement.

Why Does Crack Injection Offer Protection to Concrete?

The power of water to cause damage to strong foundations and basements seems remarkable (and even difficult to imagine). How can water harm thick, heavy, solid blocks of concrete? One reason why water proves so damaging relates to the need to include rebar within most concrete slabs, foundations and basements.

Concrete in these locations typically requires additional support. Builders include metal rods called “rebar” (and sometimes metal netting) to help reinforce the concrete. If you’ve ever sat on a concrete park bench or walked over a concrete bridge, you’ve likely come into contact with concrete containing these materials. As you know, metal rusts when it comes into protracted contact with water. If water begins leaking through concrete, it sometimes comes into contact with interior rebar. This situation produces a blistering effect on the concrete described by the colorful expressions “concrete cancer” and “concrete spalling”. The connection between the concrete and the enclosed rebar starts deteriorating. The concrete begins cracking and crumbling, sometimes falling away in chunks. This blistering process potentially causes a lot of structural problems for buildings. It remains one important reason to perform waterproofing crack injections.

Consider Crack Injection Before Finishing Basement Living Spaces

Today many homeowners optimize the enjoyment and utility they obtain from their premises by transforming unfinished basements into useful finished rooms. The lowest level of a residence may offer the perfect site for a finished exercise center, additional bedrooms, or even a home office or business. If you’ve contemplated transforming an unfinished basement into a more useful living area, it remains a smart idea to consider requesting a waterproofing inspection first. Sometimes performing crack injection as a preliminary step in this renovation project makes very good sense indeed! Unfinished basements supply ready access to concrete surfaces. A waterproofing specialist can easily undertake crack injection in these locations before a construction crew performs finishing.

Before installing drywall, flooring, and ceilings in this part of the home, why not ensure you’ve asked waterproofing experts to seal any developing cracks in the basement wall? Taking this step ultimately helps waterproof the basement. It may assist you in protecting your investment in finishing this location for use as a downstairs living area or a home business.

Further Information

Do cracks allow water to seep into your home’s foundation or basement? Also, our crack injection technology will help seal any crack at your home or business. Ask Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. to supply fast, effective crack injection technology. This process may help extend the useful lifespan of your residence. It offers a reliable way to seal locations which might otherwise in the future become a significant source of water leaks and repair concerns. Take action now. Lastly, call 919-877-9969 for assistance!

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