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French Drains

French Drain Installation In Raleigh, NC

Many homeowners in the Raleigh area struggle with standing water in their basements after rainfall. A French drain can prevent this issue by draining water away from the building’s foundation. These drains are a common feature of interior and yard drainage in this region. 

When rainfall causes pooling or runoff near your property’s structures, this water seeps through the foundation and causes structural damage. Inside your home, dampness leads to mold growth that puts your family’s health at risk. It also causes wood rot.

Raleigh Waterproofing installs French drains for residential and commercial properties throughout the Triangle area. Below, learn more about these affordable drains. By understanding what they are and how they work, you can make the right decision for your property.

What is a French drain?

Outdoors, a French drain is a trench connected to pipes that transfer water away from your home. Rocks cover the trench and create a neat, manicured system, keeping the pipes out of view. The trench is elevated to form a drain field where collecting water enters the drain pipes. This drain field carries the water to the drain exit point, the lowest point in the system, and where the water flows away.

A French drain is an excellent solution for homeowners with standing water in their basement when that water is seeping through the foundation. The drain reroutes the outdoor water, not allowing it near the foundation. The system then carries the water away from the building and releases it where appropriate.

If you have an outdoor French drain, yet still have water coming into your basement, you can install a second drain inside. This interior drain involves cutting a trench in the basement slab along its perimeter. Workers then lay pipe in the trench for a sump pump to transfer the water from the drain to the outdoors.

Some French drains do not use pipes, instead of using internal resistance to the water flow. But these do not work well for large amounts of surface water.

Advantages of a French Drain

These ingenious drains have many advantages. These advantages include.


A French drain can make a significant difference in the drainage of water away from your foundation. These drains can move a lot of water and you can choose where to route that water away from the foundation and other structures. Some options for routing the water include a sump pump or your septic tank. You can also choose to employ multiple methods with one or more drains.


Compared to other methods of waterproofing your basement, a French drain is very affordable. It also saves you money in the long run, keeping the foundation dry and preventing water damage, mold, and other negative effects of moisture.

Lawn Improvement

A French drain transforms areas of your lawn from a spongy, damp mess to the lawn your whole family can enjoy. You also experience fewer problems with mosquitoes, when you do not have pools of water where they breed.


French drain installation is not difficult for experienced professionals. Of course, the complexity of french drains installation depends on your particular property and the size of the drain required to meet your needs.

Low Maintenance

These foundation french drain pipe systems do not require much routine maintenance. But over time, leaves and other lawn debris can build up in the system, particularly in the drainpipe holes. This buildup compromises its ability to function. You only need to clean out the drain and snake it once annually to keep it working as it should.

Contact Raleigh Waterproofing to Solve Your Basement Moisture Problems

A French drain is one of the best solutions for basement moisture problems when you have water seeping through the foundation. Installation is not complex and this type of drain system is one of the most cost-effective and low-maintenance options. The affordability of this drain can keep you from having to pay for more expensive mold eradication, structural repair, and other services related to pooling water inside your home.

Raleigh Waterproofing can identify the cause of your basement water intrusion. From there, we recommend French drains or other appropriate solutions to keep your basement dry and mold-free. We are always dedicated to providing french drain installation near me with the highest level of customer service and a wide range of waterproofing services at an affordable cost. Call Raleigh Waterproofing today at 919-877-9969 for an in-home consultation by Raleigh, North Carolina’s best residential and commercial waterproofing company.