Six Popular Reasons For Requesting Excavations by a Waterproofing Firm

Experienced waterproofing companies sometimes perform excavations for customers. This process requires both training and the selection of correct tools and supplies. The type of soil significantly affects the digging process. However, sometimes physically uncovering underground structures proves essential in ascertaining the best ways to achieve long-lasting waterproofing.

About Excavations

During excavations, a contractor carefully plans and then conducts digging operations. Obviously, many factors influence this activity. Such as the construction purpose, the topography, the type(s) of soils (or other aggregates), and the water table. Excavations require careful adherence to safety protocols.

One significant risk in this process involves collapsing excavations. As contractors dig, they typically need to also install temporary support equipment to prevent this problem. Another issue involves water entering the site. Wet conditions frequently complicate construction excavations in North Carolina.

Six Popular Reasons Customers Request Excavating Services

Why do customers request our assistance conducting excavations in Raleigh, NC and outlying areas? Overall, a multitude of reasons may inspire this request. Many relate to specific waterproofing projects:

Waterproofing Residential Foundations

Significantly, owners of older homes discover basements built decades ago would benefit from better waterproofing. Many advances have occurred in waterproofing technology recently. The circumstances of each project differ. Yet in some cases, exposing a foundation to supply exterior waterproofing services proves helpful.

Installing New French Drains

An underground channel called a “French Drain” helps direct yard drainage. Accordingly, it may offer useful assistance draining the flow of rain runoff away from your home or business. Customers sometimes request excavations to construct this helpful waterproofing improvement.

Building Home Additions

Excavations frequently occur during the completion of a home addition. It may become necessary to expand the size of the foundation. This process requires skilled construction services. Including waterproofing measures as one component of a home addition project enhances overall cost-effectiveness during the long term.

Adding Foundation Drain Lines

Customers often ask waterproofing firms to assist them by excavating to install new (or replacement) foundation drain lines. This measure may help prevent basement flooding in some older homes, for example. Excavating at any time requires careful planning. The location of foundation drain lines proves vitally important.

Installing Cisterns

Installing underground cisterns also requires skilled excavation services. Numerous regulations and safety rules impact this activity. Customers with significant yard drainage issues often find this improvement very helpful. Ask a skilled excavations contractor for assistance with this type of project.

In-ground Swimming Pools

In some situations, customers installing in-ground swimming pools require waterproofing excavation services. This step proves especially useful for long lasting concrete-lined pools. Leaky swimming pools often prove costly to repair. Considering waterproofing issues at the time of pool excavations proves helpful.

Planning Your Excavations

One important issue to keep in mind whenever you request excavations concerns the importance of planning. The approach selected for conducting digging often matters enormously. It makes sense to entrust this type of project to an experienced, careful contractor. Try and find a firm with extensive knowledge in the waterproofing field.

Performing Experienced Excavations in North Carolina

Have you searched for a well-qualified to perform excavations? Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. serves customers throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina. We possess extensive experience excavating in the Greater Raleigh Area. We travel to Durham and Chapel Hill, NC frequently to provide this service, for example.

In addition to excavating, we offer a spectrum of waterproofing assistance. Ask us to install a French Drain or a sump pump, for instance. We perform foundation repairs, concrete crack injections, and other complex waterproofing construction services. Our President holds a general contractor license in North Carolina.

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers experienced waterproofing and excavation services to help customers. We may assist customers by referring them to specialized contractors for some types of complex projects. Our company works closely with project managers and site engineers.

Contact us easily using the convenient online form. We also welcome the opportunity to submit bids for large projects. To speak with us directly, please call 919-877-9969. We look forward to assisting you!