Why Concrete Crack Injection Promotes Waterproofing

Today, homeowners across the United States sometimes benefit significantly from concrete crack injection technology. Using this repair method has allowed Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. to assist many customers. Also, we help homeowners obtain better basement waterproofing in this part of North Carolina as cost-effectively as possible.

This important repair method offers valuable assistance in certain circumstances. Two important current uses for concrete crack injection in residential construction include solving some basement waterproofing problems and addressing serious foundation problems.

Fortunately for our customers, crack injection as a means of waterproofing usually costs considerably less than crack injection as an alternative to foundation replacement!

Crack injections

Concrete: A Popular Building Material

Concrete provides an important construction material in the modern world. This substance allows builders to create strong, level surfaces.

Just a few of the many infrastructure items frequently made from concrete include sidewalks, patios, foundations, swimming pools, retaining walls, and pillars. Therefore, many large buildings rely on concrete columns and foundations for support.

Unfortunately, during the curing process, concrete normally shrinks. Small fissures may form on the surface. Water entering fine cracks in concrete can cause significant problems. Also, when it freezes, water becomes ice.

Unlike most substances, water actually expands in size as it solidifies. (Thus, over the course of time, cracks in a damp basement exposed to frigid winter temperatures may actually become significantly larger in size and depth.) Property owners minimize problems with concrete by repairing cracks regularly and by maintaining warm, dry basements.

About Crack Injection

One popular method for repairing certain types of cracks in concrete involves crack injection. A repairer inserts a bonding material (usually a type of epoxy or polyurethane) into the crack, sometimes under intense pressure.

The injected material hardens in place quickly, although it may retain elastic properties. Also, some polyurethanes even resemble rubber. They help prevent water from expanding the size of deep cracks and causing dank, unhealthy basement conditions.

Many different types of concrete repair materials populate the commercial marketplace today. They vary widely in terms of their toughness and elasticity. Several products work well to fill superficial hairline concrete fissures; homeowners can apply these coatings on a periodic basis themselves.

However, we recommend allowing experts to perform crack injection. Deep cracks usually benefit from experienced repair services (like those provided by Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc.) For example, many waterproofing experts use polyurethane extensively and this technique may ultimately help customers avoid significant repair bills over the long term.

Further Information

If you believe crack injection might assist you in maintaining basement waterproofing, consider contacting Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. for experienced assistance. We frequently perform basement waterproofing inspections.

Our company serves customers in the Greater Raleigh Area by supplying a number of important waterproofing construction services (including crack injection, crawl space repair, and basement and foundation waterproofing services). Lastly, contact us for assistance at 919-877-9969. We look forward to speaking with you!

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