The 3 Common Causes of Concrete Foundation Cracks

The 3 Common Causes of Concrete Foundation Cracks

Waterproofing is about moving water in ways that are beneficial to your property. This means diverting water away so that it doesn’t cause damage to your property and ensuring that the right amount of water is retained in certain areas.

Too little moisture can produce effects similar to too much. Cracks, shifts in your foundation and other eventual problems can develop as the result of poor waterproofing.

Let’s briefly examine the causes of foundation cracks to better understand how waterproofing should aim to control moisture.

Foundation Cracks Crack Injection Repair Raleigh

1. Seismic Activity

Earthquakes, tremors and other seismic activities are a common cause of cracking. Everything from fracking to the presence of deep gold mines can encourage seismic activity, which in turn can cause cracks in concrete foundations.

In Raleigh, NC, there tends to be little seismic activity capable of cracking foundations. This leaves the majority of concrete damage to be limited to water-related problems.

2. Storms

Flash floods and prolonged downpours represent two situations where too much water is received by the ground in a short period. This allows the water to push against foundations, which in turn causes them to inevitably give way and to crack.

Water diversion can help significantly reduce the likelihood that cracks will develop by taking this excess water and diverting it away.

3. Drought and Too Little Moisture

When soil becomes saturated by water, it tends to press inwardly against concrete foundations. Soil that becomes too dry tends to pull foundations outward, which in turn causes cracking to occur.

Water diversion should aim to achieve a happy medium between soil that is too wet and too dry. This prevents the development of cracks while fostering a happy, healthy lawn that acts as a safe place for water retention.

Let Us Repair and Prevent Foundation Cracks

The most effective way to prevent foundation cracks is to ensure that your waterproofing is effective. It should put the right amount of water where your soil needs it most, which in turn keeps the pressure upon your foundation in a state that the concrete is able to handle.

Don’t let your Raleigh home become afflicted by water infiltration problems. At Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc., we can assess your property’s needs to develop several effective ways to divert water appropriately from your home.

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