Why Should I Seal My Crawl Space?

Why Should I Seal My Crawl Space? The Many Benefits of Crawl Space Sealing

Did you know that there are many benefits to crawl space sealing? Many homeowners do not realize just how important this sealing is until they start realizing the positive effects of doing so. Below, we explore some answers to that big question of, “Should I seal my crawl space?”

About Crawl Spaces in Raleigh Area Homes

About 15 percent of newly built American homes have a crawl space. But that percentage is much higher in many neighborhoods of Raleigh-Durham where older houses are the norm. Sealed crawl space are the dark, often creepy areas beneath homes that raise the house off of the ground. They also provide flood protection, access to plumbing and other benefits, particularly in lieu of having a basement.

Most homeowners never go into their own crawl space, leaving this to plumbing, construction, HVAC, pest control and waterproofing professionals. The vast majority of owners never even think about this space except to ask, “Should I seal my crawl space?”

The answer to that popular question about sealing crawl space is a resounding “yes.” Sealing introduces a barrier that provides a variety of health and safety benefits. In fact, about one half of the air you breathe in your home on the bottom floor comes through the crawl space first. This air is quite dirty and dusty, just like the seal crawl space itself. It can also contain moisture and mold spores that it carries to your living spaces from beneath your home through the floorboards, vents and joists. Vapor barrier installation in your crawl space is a huge step towards creating a completely sealed off crawl space.

Seasonal Reasons for Crawl Space Sealing

In wintertime, the crawl space contains cold air. This air cools your ductwork and pipes, thereby making your hot water heater and furnace work much harder. This wastes energy and runs up your utility bills. The cold air also cools your flooring, making it less comfortable underfoot. In fact, the multiple effects of cold outside air are why crawl space sealing can help reduce your winter utility bills by as much as 20 or 30 percent.

In warm weather, humid outdoor air flows under your home and into the crawl space. This humidity means moisture builds up in this area. It causes condensation to form on your pipes and wood materials used in home construction. 

Not only does moisture causes structural damage to your home, but it gives mold and mildew the perfect conditions to grow. Then, mold spores to drift into your living spaces and right into your lungs. As a result, you will suffer allergy problems, asthma and other mold-related conditions. Does the idea of being sick answer your question of, “Should I seal my crawl space?”

The hot, humid air under your house in summertime also makes your air conditioner have to work harder. Your leaky ducts pull moist, hot air in and release it into your living spaces before your air conditioning unit has a chance to cool it. Your cooling bills run high in summer as your AC works too hard to churn the ongoing supply of hot outside air from the crawl space.

Next time you ask yourself, “Should I seal my crawl space,” consider how much money you are throwing away on utility bills. Also consider your health risks of not having crawl space sealing done, if not problems you are already suffering in your home. Add to this the structural damage and other costs related to moisture and seasonal air leaks and you should have the answer to your question.

Should I seal my crawl space to keep pests out?

If the above reasons are not enough for crawl space sealing, consider the pests that get into your home when this space is left unsealed. These pests include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • Possums
  • Raccoons
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Bats

Are you still wondering “should I seal my crawl space?” It is doubtful you want to live above these messy creatures and their droppings that corrupt the air you breathe. Most of these pests also chew on your home’s wiring and use insulation and other important materials for their nests. 

Clear Benefits of Crawl Space Sealing

There are obviously multiple reasons for crawl space sealing. Each of the reasons listed above are enough to justify a positive answer to the question, “Should I seal my crawl space?” But just in case you are still unclear as to why sealing is so beneficial, let’s recap. 

Below are some of the benefits of crawl space sealing:

  • Reduction of allergens, toxins, mold, dirt and dust in the air you breathe
  • Rodents and other pests are more easily kept out
  • Prevention of wood rot and other structural damage to your home
  • Lower utility bills
  • Fewer plumbing and wiring problems

To learn more about crawl space sealing for your Raleigh-Durham, NC home, call the pros of Raleigh Waterproofing at 919-877-9969 or 919-422-3357. Simply say, “Seal my crawl space” and we will schedule your service right away!

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