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Why Homes May Require Repair Services After Water Leaks

Why Homes May Require Repair Services After Water Leaks

The emerging field of residential waterproofing repair services has attracted growing interest in recent years. Today, the availability of skilled construction assistance often helps property owners save money repairing some types of serious water damage. If your home has sustained a water leak (or if you harbor concern about the possible presence of undetected water leaks), consider contacting a contractor with experience providing waterproofing services.

Repair Services
Interior of kitchen with drywall torn out because of water damage and the resulting mold.

Residential Water Damage

Property owners recognize the importance of maintaining dry, comfortable living environments. Builders install water-resistant surfaces on kitchen, utility room, and bathroom floors in order to prevent damage from accidental splatters and leaks in these locations. The need to quickly clean up visible water spills in a home seems obvious to most people.

Yet sometimes undetected water intrusions cause significant damage to residential properties. Particularly if leaks continue over an extended period of time, the scope of the harm may require skilled repair services. Water can soak through fine cracks in cement and concrete to cause rusting in rebar. It will eventually produce warping and rotting in wood. The presence of damp conditions over a protracted span of time leads to the proliferation of molds and mildews, and may even promote suitable conditions for termite infestations.

Requesting Residential Repair Services After Water Damage

Why might a water leak continue for weeks or months without coming to the attention of a homeowner? Unfortunately, many sites of potential water damage in a residence do not occur within view of the residents. It startles some people to realize water may seep through walls, under flooring, or even inside slabs and foundations. These unseen leak locations may sustain damage before surface signs of water leaks become readily apparent.

For example, consider one common scenario. A small leak may develop in a roof following a severe hail storm. After every rainstorm, droplets of water penetrating the rooftop; over time, they damage interior wooden surfaces separating the roof from the attic. Water leaks won’t necessarily travel in a direct vertical line within a building. Leaking water may spread horizontally across a surface and then begin draining downwards. Instead of dripping through the ceiling, a leaky roof may initially allow water to flow into the interior of walls inside the home. A homeowner may not realize the roof has developed a leak until drywall in the residence becomes damp, stained, or splotched by mildew and mold growth.

Remain Alert For Signs of Water Damage

Homeowners who discover evidence of long term water leaks may require the services of a knowledgeable building contractor to assist them in correcting damage to the property. In this situation, the contractor will ideally do more than simply make repairs to visibly damaged structures. It remains vital to identify the source of the leak in order to correct the problems allowing ongoing water damage to occur. (For example, if a leaky roof causes drywall damage in a living room, simply repairing the drywall won’t produce a longer term, lasting solution. The waterproofing contractor will endeavor to identify and repair the roof leak, too!)

The following conditions don’t represent an all-inclusive list. However, if you notice any of these signs of potential hidden water damage, consider requesting a skilled waterproofing inspection and possible repair assistance:

  • 1. Damp, moldy drywall;
  • 2. Chipped, blistering concrete;
  • 3. Warped wood in crawl spaces;
  • 4. Persistently damp, wet basement surfaces;
  • 5. Sounds of running water from inside walls or flooring when no one has turned on a water tap or flushed a toilet;
  • 6. Persistently soggy carpeting;
  • 7. Unexplained sudden spikes in monthly water use.

Further Information

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