How Basement Waterproofing Contractors Can Help You – Waterproofing Systems for Your Basement

How Basement Waterproofing Contractors Can Help You – Waterproofing Systems for Your Basement

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Basement waterproofing contractors can help you decide what kind of waterproofing system you need. External waterproofing systems and internal waterproofing systems are just two of the available options. The external system works by placing good covering underground after the foundation is dug-up. The covering consists in thick layers of vinyl or plastic tarp. It is a way to reduce the water pressure, which might build in time. It also prevents the appearance of cracks and leaks around walls and windows.

The internal waterproofing system works by controlling and collecting the water, allowing it to flow through drainage channels to a sump pump or natural drainage, so that it can be removed from the property. A cavity drain membrane system works by simply holding water back.

Another waterproofing method that is highly familiar to Basement foundation repair is using polyurethane foam or spray or other kind of coating that is able to withstand external water pressure. Polyurethane products have increased water resistance and they are very effective, being known as powerful sealants; they are able to fix cracks and leaks that can appear in the walls or around the windows.

In addition, a main drain can be placed in the floor of the basement, in order to channel the water and direct it away from the basement. However, you should do this when you build the basement. This method is very effective; the water leaks in the channels through tiny walls laid-out along the lower wall, and then it is carried away from the property through a sump pump system.

Having the right waterproofing system keeps your basement in good condition, free of dampness. Apart from helping you choose the right waterproofing system and having it installed,waterproofing contractors will also spot damp walls, mildew, seepage and rust cracks, and prevent the damages from happening again.

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