Sump Station + Homeowners Insurance Policy = Basic Risk Management

Today, many homes in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and other communities utilize a sump station. They provide a basin at the lowest point in a ground-level (or a basement) floor for water collection. Generally, a sump pump actively pumps water from the sump station into a drain, channeling runoff away from the premises. Indeed, a […]

Crack Injection Repair Raleigh

Crack Injection Repair…. Has Your House Shifted?

Crack Injection Repair….. Has Your House Shifted? At first glance, this crisis on the big island of Hawaii seems far removed from North Carolina. Residents of this area certainly experience sympathy for property owners who have suffered such devastating losses. In this part of the United States, we face considerably fewer risks of encountering sudden volcanic […]


Five Reasons to Seek Adequate Yard Drainage

Certainly property owners in North Carolina in growing numbers appreciate the vital importance of water runoff in transforming landscapes. Water sometimes saturates the ground near man-made structures. Poorly drained sites occasionally contribute to significant (and potentially expensive) waterproofing problems. To emphasize, this brief article suggests five excellent reasons to implement steps to ensure your Raleigh […]


Basement Remodel Step One- Waterproof It 

Are you considering a basement remodel in your North Carolina home? If so, basement remodel step one is most certainly waterproof it. Reduce the risk of your basement remodel project by protecting it from the start. This brief article addresses some of the advantages property owners and lenders gain by abiding by step one of […]


The Five Most Common Sources of H2O Intrusion

The Five Most Common Sources of H2O Intrusion In North Carolina, property owners sometimes face expensive economic loss caused by a unique type of waterproofing problem. A water intrusion occurs when water enters living spaces unexpectedly. Unfortunately, in some situations, residents may not even notice the issue immediately. H2O intrusion occurring over the course of […]


New Construction Waterproofing Services Help Customers Save Money

Increasing knowledge about the significant long term risks of water damage has prompted more builders to consider waterproofing issues. Today, most experienced contractors pay close attention to this concern. Developers frequently request assistance from new construction waterproofing consultants in advance of launching projects in North Carolina, in fact. Homeowners associations, real estate brokerage firms, lenders, […]


Crawl Space Repair Service Offers Surprising Benefits

As the busy holiday season rapidly approaches, people often focus attention upon decorating homes and businesses attractively. Many households in North Carolina entertain extensively between late October and mid-January, for example. Yet in some cases, the condition of the real estate itself hampers efforts to create a welcoming setting. This brief article addresses a surprising […]


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