Prepare For New High Tech Water Management Systems

Prepare For New High Tech Water Management Systems

Residents of the Triangle Area anticipate innovative water management systems will grow more widespread soon. This change may help reduce property losses from accidental flooding. It appears likely to impact the waterproofing field in exciting ways!

The field of waterproofing has witnessed important technological changes during the past century. Now, many inventors work to develop “smart” computerized gadgets linked to an Internet of Things (the “IoT”). The IoT provides a means of tracking data from multiple locations in real time. It holds the potential to assist property owners in responding to flooding emergencies more quickly.

About The IoT

The rapidly developing Internet of Things has generated a lot of media attention recently. Around the world, engineers search for ways to connect useful everyday machines to the Internet. These smart devices increasingly help create safer, more comfortable, living and work spaces.

For example, some homebuilders currently specialize in designing highly automated, IoT residences. Just a few years ago, certain popular modern conveniences might have seemed like science fiction. Today, many residents of Raleigh protect their homes with computerized door locks. Some rely on home security systems linked via the Internet with emergency services. Homeowners often select programmable “smart” heating and cooling systems to optimize energy conservation, too.

How Water Management Systems Revolutionize Waterproofing

Intelligent water management systems appear likely to form an intergral part of luxury homes in the future. Currently developers frequently study yard drainage and water runoff issues on a subdivision-wide basis. By tracking the flow of water through a location, skilled builders find ways to minimize preventable water damage.

Recently, some designers have begun envisioning internal residential water management systems, as well. The use of computerized systems holds great potential in protecting homes against accidental damage (e.g. from broken water pipes). The Internet of Things offers inventors a way to link inanimate objects to resources in cyberspace. Imagine if a broken pipe in your home contacted your plumber for you automatically?

One IoT Example: Programmable Yard Sprinkler Systems

Just consider one recent example of a high tech residential water management system. Today, several companies market programmable yard sprinkler systems. A homeowner simply presets the dates, times, and locations for the system to operate. Although sometimes pricey, these devices greatly assist vacationing realty owners. They can maintain a lush green yard even during extended absences from home.

Sophisticated yard sprinkler systems gained popularity during recent years. Yet many avenues remain to increase the “smart” features of this technology. For example, some farmers use tractors connected via cyberspace with satellites. The machines receive specific plowing instructions based upon topography and soil conditions. Will water management systems eventually benefit from similar high tech capabilities?

Another IoT Illustration: An Automated Sump Pump Monitor

Some evidence suggests waterproofing in general will soon benefit from the developing Internet of Things. This year, the popular consumer electronics tradeshow CES met online (instead of in person). Several manufacturers unveiled innovative new gadgets at the event.

Moen, a well-known housewares manufacturer, introduced the Flo by Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor. The device offers continuous monitoring of water flowing through a homeowner’s existing sump pump in real time. It helps reduce flooding risks by issuing an alert if it detects unusual conditions. This technology should become available during the second half of 2021.

Request Waterproofing Services

Would you like to explore available high tech water management systems to help enhance waterproofing? Note that investing in this type of improvement enhances the comfort of homes and businesses. Expenditures to promote dry interiors ultimately contribute to the value of real estate. Therefore, consider speaking with a licensed contractor about effective long term water management systems in North Carolina.

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers a full spectrum of waterproofing services. That is why we are happy to help install high tech sump pump monitors. We also perform experienced inspections to detect signs of possible water damage. Our services include performing waterproofing excavations, crack injections, and other moisture control measures. Call us for comprehensive waterproofing assistance.

We serve residents in the Greater Triangle Area of North Carolina and of course our company service zone includes Raleigh, NC. We also visit sites in Durham, Chapel Hill, and outlying areas. To speak with us, simply call 919-877-9969. We look forward to assisting you!

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