Why Does Your Home Need Basement Waterproofing Systems?

Why Does Your Home Need Basement Waterproofing Systems?

In order to understand the importance of basement waterproofing systems, you first need to take a look at how your basement has been built. Initially, a big hole has been dug in the ground, then footer and foundations have been laid, and the rest of the basement was raised, followed by the rest of your home. When the big hole is dug and the basement is built, a gap is left outside the walls; the gap will be filled with loose backfill. However, you know that water takes paths that are not resistant, so it will start infiltrating into the gap that you have filled with loose backfill.

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Waterproofing your basement prevents mildew built-ups – which occur due to the wetness that usually surrounds a basement. Most of the time, your basement will hold water build-up and dampness because of cracks in the walls, leaking windows and pipe condensation. Basement waterproofing systems help homeowners fix these problems, being a long-term, if not permanent solution.

These systems are able to stop both ways in which water gets to infiltrate into the basement – through the walls or through the floor. Installing such waterproofing systems does not cause inconveniences such as disturbing the landscape, driveway, patio or deck. Moreover, if you are considering a home loan for such an upgrade, you don’t need to worry, as, in the majority of cases, they are approved for waterproofing.

If you don’t waterproof your basement, it can get to affect you severely, particularly from an economical point of view. Consider the fact that you will not only protect your house from damage – waterproofing increases your house’s value considerably, which will come in handy if you are planning to sell. Basement waterproofing products are a real investment that every home owner must consider.

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