Summer is the Perfect Time to Waterproof Your Raleigh Home

Summer is the Perfect Time to Waterproof Your Raleigh Home

Water acts as a general threat to old and new homes alike in Raleigh. This invader threatens to seep through your foundation, down the walls of your sub-floor walls, and into your basement.

It can crack foundations, erode the concrete that keeps your walls dry, and create problems that inevitably grow worse. The only way to prevent water damage is to take the proper precautions when you have a break from the impending threat of water infiltration.

The good news is that break may be this summer. You can use the dry and hot weather as a temporary relief from water infiltration, which in turn can help you make the repairs and install the preventative measures you need to keep your property safe.

Let’s examine some of the waterproofing you should have done during Summer.

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1. Clean Your Rain Gutters

More than just rain flows through your gutters; sticks, leaves, seeds and dirt can infiltrate your gutters. This can leave them clogged, which in turn means that they are less able to remove water from your property.

Take some time to clean your gutters during the summer. You can use a brush and a garden hose to clean the uppermost portion of your gutters.

If your downspout is clogged, then consider utilizing a pressure washer or a mechanical tool to unclog it.

2. Have You Sump Pump Inspected

Sum pumps are designed to carry water away from your basement and foundation. The water flows elsewhere, which in turn prevents it from cracking concrete and allowing water to seep in to your home.

The problem is that sump pumps are not infallible. They will eventually buckle under the stress brought by their continued use.

Have your sump pumps inspected and repaired during Summer. This can help you avoid standing water, which in turn can act as an effective preventative measure for keeping water away.

3. Repair Your Basement or Foundation

Given that the summer months are typically some of the driest in Raleigh, this makes for one of the best times to repair any cracks in your basement or foundation.

While repairing this damage may not prevent further damage, it will make it harder for water to infiltrate your home. This can help you keep your home above water until you can acquire a more extensive solution.

Don’t Let Water Make Your Home Wet

Waterproofing is about more than just repairing the damage that water infiltration has caused; it’s about keeping water outside of your home.

The experts at Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. know how to keep water outside of your home while keeping costs to a minimum. Our solutions are as affordable as they are effective, which is the reason our clients continue relying upon our services.

To learn more about how we can waterproof your home, give us a call at 919-877-9969.