Why a Wet Basement Requires Immediate Attention

Have you ever wondered why a property owner should not ignore a wet basement? Particularly if this part of the home remains unfinished and unused, some residents may feel tempted to dismiss a damp basement as a “seasonal issue” and not investigate the source of the moisture. Waterproofing experts recommend taking prompt action to correct unwanted water leaks or moisture in any part of the residence. Why? You may prevent a small problem from developing into an expensive home repair by correcting basement dampness in a timely manner.

Wet Basement

Water: A Powerful Force

If you’ve ever taken a tour of Mammoth Cave or Carlsbad Caverns, you’ve already observed some of the long term impacts of water as a powerful natural force. Over the course of millions of years, tiny droplets helped shape magnificent rock formations and carve channels through solid stone. Although unseen by human eyes, water pooling around a home’s man-made foundation underground sometimes causes significant structural problems over much briefer spans of time.

By determining the source of a water leak and taking corrective action to obtain a dry basement, you’ll help safeguard the anticipated useful lifespan of your residence. You may even prevent small cracks in the foundation or the basement from enlarging and expanding in size. Water potentially enters the lower levels of a home from a number of different sources; it makes sense to identify the cause of unwelcome moisture in a wet basement as quickly as possible. A waterproofing company can assist you with water drainage issues so your family enjoys safe, comfortable living areas.

Two Health Hazards Posed by a Wet Basement

Additionally, persistently moist, wet basements create a number of potential environmental health hazards for residents. Two problems in particular pose a threat in North Carolina: the development of molds and mildews, and problems posed by mosquitos. Correcting dampness in the home in a timely manner helps alleviate these concerns.

Molds And Mildews

A moist, wet basement may contribute to the growth of mold and mildew indoors. Although widespread in the natural world, today few homeowners intentionally permit fungi to grow and spread inside residential living spaces. Yet if sufficient moisture exists in the home, molds may begin growing on wood, drywall or other surfaces. A dank basement sometimes contributes to this problem.

Not everyone suffers health impacts as a result of exposure to molds and mildews. However, in some cases fungal growths do cause severe problems for sensitive individuals. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“the CDC”) recommends anyone with a chronic lung condition, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or anyone susceptible to mold allergies, should strive to avoid exposure to molds and mildews in the home. The CDC urges property owners to eliminate the mold, and also to correct the damp conditions contributing to mold growth.


Basements with water leaks may harbor another type of health threat in North Carolina during some seasons of the year. Shallow pools of warm water provide an attractive breeding ground for certain species of mosquitos. Under some circumstance, mosquitos may gain entry to damp basement areas and lay eggs. This situation holds potential health risks for unwary residents. Many mosquitos also reportedly seek rest in shaded basements.

Mosquitos feed on the blood of birds and other animals. Since they will readily use human beings as a food source, they often serve as vectors of disease. In some locations, mosquitos spread febrile illnesses such as West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Dengue Fever and other pathogens. Taking steps to prevent your home from becoming an attractive location for mosquitos remains a wise course of action. Maintaining your basement in a clean, dry, secure condition helps discourage these insects from disturbing your household. By acting quickly to correct wet, dank basement conditions, you’ll potentially safeguard the health interests of your loved ones, as well as your finances.

Fast Basement Waterproofing Assistance

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