Sump Station + Homeowners Insurance Policy = Basic Risk Management

Today, many homes in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and other communities utilize a sump station. They provide a basin at the lowest point in a ground-level (or a basement) floor for water collection. Generally, a sump pump actively pumps water from the sump station into a drain, channeling runoff away from the premises.

Indeed, a station serves as an invaluable home waterproofing feature. It prevents water from pooling indoors. In many locations, a home’s sump pump serves as the first line of defense against seasonal basement flooding. We’d like to suggest a useful risk management strategy for this technology.

Sump station

Investing in a Well-Maintained Sump Station

Firstly, if your North Carolina home lacks a sump station, consider requesting a waterproofing inspection. Today, many home builders routinely install these. However, some older dwellings don’t contain this important feature. Depending on the circumstances, adding one (or more) might enhance waterproofing.

Most households prefer to obtain sump station installations with the assistance of a licensed contractor. Creating this generally requires excavation. (Your waterproofing team can also install the sump pump(s) for you at the same time.)

Three Common Locations

During recent years, property owners have installed sump stations in a variety of places. However, this improvement usually offers waterproofing benefits in three specific sites:


Many basements in homes in Raleigh, NC and outlying areas include sump stations. For example, a sump pump and a backup sump pump may help prevent seasonal basement flooding. The pumps offer around-the-clock protection against damage caused by pooling water.

Crawl Spaces

Sometimes a sump station also helps keep crawl spaces dry. For instance, in sites with high water tables, this technology may prove very useful. The pump may help prevent rain from forming a seasonal pond beneath a low-lying home.

Laundry Rooms

Sump stations also provide valuable waterproofing assistance in homes with ground-level laundry rooms. A flood in this location might damage expensive appliances. Consequently, sump pumps often serve as essential laundry room waterproofing tools.

Using Sump Stations to Reduce The Risk of Water Damage

Sump stations help property owners by collecting water. The sump pump then directs this runoff through a drain. It may help prevent water from forming standing puddles inside or beneath the home. With proper maintenance, a sump station poses one of the most cost-effective waterproofing tools available.

Today, the field of risk management helps many businesses save money. Additionally, managers employ strategies to minimize the chance of encountering losses. Homeowners can utilize sump stations in a somewhat similar manner. Certainly, this type of home improvement will likely pay for itself by preventing an indoor flood.

About Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home, you probably maintain homeowners insurance. Most mortgages contain a clause requiring the purchase of this form of coverage. Homeowners insurance helps protect property owners from a variety of losses that potentially impact their dwellings.

Unfortunately, despite the importance of sump pumps, most homeowners insurance policies don’t automatically cover this equipment. Consider reviewing the terms of your homeowners insurance policy with a licensed North Carolina insurance agent. This expert can tell you whether your coverage includes protection against a sump pump failure.

A Useful Homeowners Insurance Policy Rider

What if your homeowners insurance policy excludes catastrophic residential sump pump failures? Some insurance companies offer additional coverage through available riders. The “rider” essentially allows a customer to purchase extra insurance protection.

So, you might consider asking your insurance agent to search for a policy rider to insure your home’s sump pumps. Reportedly, several insurance companies offer this additional coverage for an extra charge. It offers some protection against sudden catastrophic sump pump failures.

Request Sump Station Installation in North Carolina

Does flooding ever impact your home in the Greater Raleigh Area? Would you benefit from the installation (or repair) of one or more sump stations? Sump pumps perform a vital role in helping prevent residential water damage in many parts of North Carolina. Therefore, it makes sound financial sense to keep this equipment in good working condition.

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. furnishes a full range of sump pump and sump station services. Consider asking us to inspect your home’s sump stations. We also perform sump pump repair or replacement. We frequently install back-up sump stations for customers, too.

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