Monsoon Conditions: A Driving Force Behind Many Modern Weatherproofing Innovations

Geography And Waterproofing/Weatherproofing

Around the world today, waterproofing as a goal inspires innovators in a growing number of industries. From the construction trades, to clothiers to electronics manufacturers, developing new, cost-effective ways to safeguard products against damaging leaks and water damage holds great value.

The rise of global trade has spurred commercial interest in some waterproofing systems. Geography plays a significant role in this trend. For instance, many populous nations in tropical locations such as Southeast Asia, parts of equatorial Africa and South America and the Pacific endure seasons of harsh monsoon weather. Beating rains impact the quality of daily life for weeks at a time in these areas. By developing enhanced waterproofing technologies, companies in a variety of economic sectors gain a competitive advantage in some emerging markets.

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An Illustration: Southeast Asia

For example, today some analysts cite nations such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as especially attractive sites for marketing waterproof products. Consumers in these countries value goods capable of withstanding the impacts of frequent heavy rains.

From stylish outdoor water-resistant recreational products and gear to building materials capable of enduring heavy soaking without damage, water-resistant products hold an especially strong appeal to many value-conscious Southeast Asian shoppers. For instance, between 2016 and 2021 alone, sources estimate the marketplace for waterproof construction materials and waterproofing systems in this region will grow to a staggering $5.35 billion dollars!

Seasonal Monsoons

Climate experts define monsoons as significant seasonal winds resembling powerful sea breezes. Loaded with moisture, these gusts create rainy seasons in some parts of the world, typically producing comparatively dry winters but very wet, rainy summers. This type of weather pattern today impacts roughly 25% of the globe.

The downpours generated by these massive weather systems exceed even the drenching rains sometimes encountered in Southeastern states in the USA. For instance, residents of Cherrapungi, India expect an average yearly rainfall of 34 feet due to summer monsoon weather! Under these circumstances, waterlogged, swampy conditions impact many daily activities. Consumer products with a poor ability to withstand water won’t sell well in this type of setting.

A Renewed Emphasis Upon Green Technologies

One trend which some marketplace observers have noted with interest involves the gradual development and growing popularity of so-called “green” environmentally friendly waterproofing technologies. Many places which experience monsoon rains also possess exceedingly fragile ecosystems coupled with rapidly expanding urban areas. Some chemicals and materials formerly used for waterproofing can seriously damage these environments unless manufacturers pay close attention to long term impacts.

Perhaps in part due to this concern, a renewed interest in developing environmentally safe innovating waterproofing technologies has obtained a friendly reception in many parts of the world afflicted with significant monsoon conditions. Many marketers have detected a distinct consumer preference for safe, “green” approaches to enhancing waterproof properties in a variety of products. In this respect, consumers in both developed and developing nations today share a common interest in protecting the environment for future generations while also obtaining the benefits of new, more effective waterproofing technologies.

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