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3 Key Waterproofing Components for a Dry Foundation and Basement

3 Key Waterproofing Components for a Dry Foundation and Basement

Waterproofing your home is about more than just creating a barrier between ground water and your home’s foundation. You must ensure that water is quickly carried away from your home to ensure that it causes minimal wear and damage to the systems design to keep your home dry.

This is why gutters, drains and sump pumps are among the most important components when waterproofing your home. These structures swiftly carry water away from your home, which in turn helps to ensure the water goes somewhere you want it to be.

Let’s take a look at the features that a home should have to ensure that it is waterproofed.

Wet Basement Waterproof Basements

1. Gutters

Standard gutters are designed to route water from the roof and away from the foundation. This water diversion helps to prevent excess water from saturating the soil surrounding the home, which in turn helps to ensure that water does not cause cracks or leak in through weakened areas.

When these are nonoperational or missing, water is free to build around the home. This leads to leaks, soil erosion and a long list of things that can cause water infiltration.

Underground downspouts are an addition to standard gutters that acts to diver the water further from your home in a way that is anything but intrusive. This allows grass, gardens and other areas to receive the water while keeping your home safe.

2. Drains

French drains are the most common type of drains used for water diversion. The aim of these drains is to take water that may pool in one area before diverting it to a widespread area.

Other drains may divert water to your sewer system or simply away from your home. Their purpose remains the same: to keep large volumes of water away from your foundation and basement.

The problem with drains is that they require routine maintenance after being installed. Debris can build up and clog them, which in turn makes them unable to carry out their functions. French drains, for example, also have a limited life and must be replaced.

3. Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are designed to remove water from your home or around your home. These devices pull the water and push it away, which in turn aids in diverting the large amounts of water that can pool in and around a home.

The problem is that these devices have mechanical and electrical components that experience wear, which in turn results in the inevitable failure of these devices.

Repairing, maintaining, and replacing these devices will help to limit water infiltration.

Let Us Waterproof Your Home

Waterproofing is a complicated task that requires multiple facets of engineering to be examined. Gutters are a good example of one point that many people miss, which in turn can result in water infiltration and damage.

When it comes to waterproofing, let us work with you to ensure that your home is safe from the damage water infiltration can cause. At Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc., we examine every facet of how water runs on your property to determine the most effective ways to waterproof your property.

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