Crawl Space Waterproofing

Crawl Space Waterproofing: Four Excellent Reasons to Check This Issue Before Installing New Flooring!

Today, residents of North Carolina frequently request inspections to promote crawl space waterproofing. At least four excellent reasons warrant taking this safeguard before installing new flooring. This simple precaution offers a smart way to promote more comfortable, watertight living areas.

About Crawl Space Waterproofing Inspections

In North Carolina, builders frequently place homes above ground-level or underground crawl spaces. The crawl space supplies a convenient means of accessing important utility and plumbing service connections. In most cases, these locations receive infrequent use.

Yet property owners need to remain alert to the need to waterproof these locations. A persistently wet, damp crawl space poses a significant real estate hazard. Water may wick upwards from dank, marshy sites beneath a residence. Over the course of time, this moisture damages man-made structures.

Before installing new or replacement flooring, consider requesting a crawl space waterproofing inspection. We’ll gladly help you assess whether or not your home remains watertight. Maintaining dry crawl spaces and basements assists homeowners. Don’t spend money installing new flooring until you waterproof ground level (or underground) crawl spaces.

Your Home’s Achilles Heel

The Ancient Greeks enjoyed reciting legends about mythical figures. One of their most popular stories related to a great warrior named “Achilles”. Also, he remained invincible in battle, except for one tiny location on his heel. His mother had dipped him as an infant in the protective waters of a magical river. Only the area covered by her hand where she held him remained vulnerable in combat.

In many ways, your home’s ground-level crawl space resembles this “Achilles heel”. Also, crawl space waterproofing proves essential. It helps property owners avoid a lot of preventable damage stemming from moisture seeping beneath a home. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes tend to overlook this issue when they implement property improvements. Don’t let a wet crawl space harm your investment in your reality!

Consider This Issue Prior to Installing New Flooring

Why should you consider crawl space waterproofing before installing new flooring? At least four excellent reasons support looking into this issue first. Maintaining a dry ground level (or underground level) crawl space assists property owners:

1. Please Lenders

Will you finance new flooring? If so, your lender will greatly appreciate your efforts to verify adequate crawl space waterproofing. Typically, it makes sense to ensure a crawl space remains dry prior to installing flooring. Dank conditions may require crawl space repairs. If necessary, homeowners can request loan funding to cover both expenses.

2. Prevent Long Term Mildew Odors

Second, a dry crawl space helps prevent wood rot beneath a home. Persistently wet wood permits molds and mildews to grow underneath a floor. Also, over time, this plant life may create a dank, musty odor inside the home. Don’t install a stylish new carpet over a wet, moldy subfloor.

3. Prevent Uneven, Sagging Flooring

Long term wet conditions eventually cause wood to warp. This problem sometimes contributes to uneven, sagging floors. Also, it makes little sense to install new flooring without addressing this underlying concern. Performing crawl space repairs may help ensure adequate crawl space waterproofing.

4. Preserve The Anticipated Lifespan of New Flooring

Finally, consider obtaining a crawl space waterproofing inspection before new floor installation to save money. Correcting wet crawl space conditions first helps maintain the lifespan of beautiful flooring. It helps ensure property owners won’t need to dispose of flooring prematurely due to underlying molds, mildews, or wood rot!

Request Waterproofing Assistance in NC

Have you recently explored installing new flooring in a home in North Carolina? Many property owners in the Triangle Area implement this home improvement every year. Also, installing beautiful hardwood flooring or tile enhances the beauty of indoor living areas. Similarly, obtaining lovely new carpeting frequently enhances residential interiors.

Yet flooring installation proceeds more smoothly if a homeowner pays close attention to crawl space waterproofing issues. Save time, money, and heartbreak by requesting a waterproofing inspection first. Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers valuable assistance in this situation.

Our company routinely conducts home waterproofing inspections for customers. We examine the condition of basements, yards, and interior crawl spaces. Ask us to examine your home’s ground level crawl spaces before you shop for new flooring.

Contact Us Today

We serve customers throughout the Greater Triangle Area of North Carolina. Contact us for assistance if you own realty in Chapel Hill, Durham, or Raleigh. Also, we conduct thorough, careful crawl space waterproofing inspections for residential homeowners and businesses. Call Raleigh Waterproofing Inc today at 919-877-9969 to request this service. Lastly, we look forward to speaking with you!


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