Why Choose a Waterproofing Contractor to Correct Yard Drainage Problems?

Waterproofing Contractor

Today, property owners in North Carolina frequently turn to a waterproofing contractor to correct yard drainage problems. Several options exist for addressing this widespread concern, of course. Why do firms like Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offer a better solution than groundskeeping or landscaping services?

We believe we furnish four strong advantages. As an experienced waterproofing contractor, our company frequently solves yard drainage problems for clients. We seek long term answers. Our firm strives to help homeowners improve residential waterproofing affordably.

Yard Drainage: An Important Issue in NC

Most people appreciate the important of maintaining the “curb appeal” of real estate. Developing attractive, eye-catching residential exteriors contributes to the value of properties across the Triange Area. Beautiful lawns and gardens enhance the appeal of comfortable homes in this region.

Few defects detract from the charm of a neighborhood as much as visible yard drainage problems, in fact. Rainwater pooling in low-lying areas of a yard damages lawns. It may kill or injure young plants. A soggy, muddy yard also frequently attracts pests, such as mosquitoes. This situation troubles homeowners.

The real estate website on November 30, 2000 placed the median value of a home in Raleigh at $307,349. Additionally, your investment in your home likely represents one of the most important financial decisions impacting your life. Doesn’t it make sense to ensure yard drainage problems don’t diminish the value of your residence?

Resolving a Yard Drainage Problem

Today, property owners in the Greater Raleigh Area enjoy access to a wide array of services. When they need to fix yard drainage problems, the available solutions sometimes appear confusing. Also, some homeowners seek assistance from lawn maintenance services. Others hire landscaping firms. Savvy landowners often request help from an experienced waterproofing contractor.

Why do we recommend using the services of a full-time waterproofing contractor in this situation? While lawn mowing companies and landscapers provide valuable services, they typically do not consider waterproofing issues comprehensively. To solve yard drainage problems, customers usually require a licensed contractor with expertise in excavations.

The Four Advantages Supplied by a Knowledgeable Waterproofing Contractor

An experienced waterproofing contractor supplies at least four benefits other services typically do not offer. Furthermore, homeowners in Raleigh gain long term value by considering yard drainage issues comprehensively. Ask a waterproofing contractor to help you solve yard drainage solutions for these reasons:

One: Expertise in Construction

First, a waterproofing contractor ideally offers building skills. Also, yard services and landscaping firms often lack this capability. Many long term yard drainage solutions require transforming a yard to improve water runoff channels. This approach usually requires construction expertise.

Two: Excavation Capabilities

A skilled waterproofing contractor offers a variety of excavation capabilities, too. Also, ask for help grading a yard, installing a French Drain, digging a cistern, or building a waterproof retaining wall. We’ve invested in the tools and training required to implement these changes.

Three: Comprehensive Solutions

A waterproofing contractor evaluates every yard drainage solution in light of its long term impacts on the property. Some potential yard drainage “solutions” hold the potential to create new residential waterproofing problems. We seek remedies that won’t produce future waterproofing problems.

Four: Affordable Improvements

Waterproofing contractors strive to recommend the most affordable long-term solutions for yard drainage concerns. Furthermore, properties in this area typically appreciate at a rate of 6.6% annually. Also, it remains vitally important to protect this investment by choosing the most cost-effective improvements. Since we typically implement recommended solutions ourselves, clients don’t need to pay extra to hire third-party contractors.

Schedule an Appointment With a Waterproofing Contractor

Have you noticed a yard drainage problem? In the Triangle Area of North Carolina, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers expert waterproofing contractor services. We help clients obtain permanent, affordable solutions to problems caused by dank, soggy yards.

Our company serves clients in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and outlying areas. We possess personal familiarity with this lovely region of North Carolina. Furthermore, we focus on comprehensive residential waterproofing. Also, the affordable solutions we propose for poorly draining yards won’t damage residential foundations, crawl spaces, or basements.

Contact us now for assistance if you’ve noticed a problem involving poor yard drainage. Call us at (919)877-9969 to speak with an experienced waterproofing contractor. We look forward to meeting with you. Lastly, ask us to help you develop an affordable long-term waterproofing plan to protect your property!

Crawl Space Waterproofing: Four Excellent Reasons to Check This Issue Before Installing New Flooring!

Today, residents of North Carolina frequently request inspections to promote crawl space waterproofing. At least four excellent reasons warrant taking this safeguard before installing new flooring. This simple precaution offers a smart way to promote more comfortable, watertight living areas.

About Crawl Space Waterproofing Inspections

In North Carolina, builders frequently place homes above ground-level or underground crawl spaces. The crawl space supplies a convenient means of accessing important utility and plumbing service connections. In most cases, these locations receive infrequent use.

Yet property owners need to remain alert to the need to waterproof these locations. A persistently wet, damp crawl space poses a significant real estate hazard. Water may wick upwards from dank, marshy sites beneath a residence. Over the course of time, this moisture damages man-made structures.

Before installing new or replacement flooring, consider requesting a crawl space waterproofing inspection. We’ll gladly help you assess whether or not your home remains watertight. Maintaining dry crawl spaces and basements assists homeowners. Don’t spend money installing new flooring until you waterproof ground level (or underground) crawl spaces.

Your Home’s Achilles Heel

The Ancient Greeks enjoyed reciting legends about mythical figures. One of their most popular stories related to a great warrior named “Achilles”. Also, he remained invincible in battle, except for one tiny location on his heel. His mother had dipped him as an infant in the protective waters of a magical river. Only the area covered by her hand where she held him remained vulnerable in combat.

In many ways, your home’s ground-level crawl space resembles this “Achilles heel”. Also, crawl space waterproofing proves essential. It helps property owners avoid a lot of preventable damage stemming from moisture seeping beneath a home. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes tend to overlook this issue when they implement property improvements. Don’t let a wet crawl space harm your investment in your reality!

Consider This Issue Prior to Installing New Flooring

Why should you consider crawl space waterproofing before installing new flooring? At least four excellent reasons support looking into this issue first. Maintaining a dry ground level (or underground level) crawl space assists property owners:

1. Please Lenders

Will you finance new flooring? If so, your lender will greatly appreciate your efforts to verify adequate crawl space waterproofing. Typically, it makes sense to ensure a crawl space remains dry prior to installing flooring. Dank conditions may require crawl space repairs. If necessary, homeowners can request loan funding to cover both expenses.

2. Prevent Long Term Mildew Odors

Second, a dry crawl space helps prevent wood rot beneath a home. Persistently wet wood permits molds and mildews to grow underneath a floor. Also, over time, this plant life may create a dank, musty odor inside the home. Don’t install a stylish new carpet over a wet, moldy subfloor.

3. Prevent Uneven, Sagging Flooring

Long term wet conditions eventually cause wood to warp. This problem sometimes contributes to uneven, sagging floors. Also, it makes little sense to install new flooring without addressing this underlying concern. Performing crawl space repairs may help ensure adequate crawl space waterproofing.

4. Preserve The Anticipated Lifespan of New Flooring

Finally, consider obtaining a crawl space waterproofing inspection before new floor installation to save money. Correcting wet crawl space conditions first helps maintain the lifespan of beautiful flooring. It helps ensure property owners won’t need to dispose of flooring prematurely due to underlying molds, mildews, or wood rot!

Request Waterproofing Assistance in NC

Have you recently explored installing new flooring in a home in North Carolina? Many property owners in the Triangle Area implement this home improvement every year. Also, installing beautiful hardwood flooring or tile enhances the beauty of indoor living areas. Similarly, obtaining lovely new carpeting frequently enhances residential interiors.

Yet flooring installation proceeds more smoothly if a homeowner pays close attention to crawl space waterproofing issues. Save time, money, and heartbreak by requesting a waterproofing inspection first. Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers valuable assistance in this situation.

Our company routinely conducts home waterproofing inspections for customers. We examine the condition of basements, yards, and interior crawl spaces. Ask us to examine your home’s ground level crawl spaces before you shop for new flooring.

Contact Us Today

We serve customers throughout the Greater Triangle Area of North Carolina. Contact us for assistance if you own realty in Chapel Hill, Durham, or Raleigh. Also, we conduct thorough, careful crawl space waterproofing inspections for residential homeowners and businesses. Call Raleigh Waterproofing Inc today at 919-877-9969 to request this service. Lastly, we look forward to speaking with you!

Seven Ways to Fix Window Water Leaks During Basement Remodeling Waterproofing

In the Triangle Area of North Carolina, property owners frequently perform basement remodeling. This project often helps increase real estate values. Remodeling improvements may add thousands of dollars to a home’s market price. However, it remains important to obtain dry, water-free premises as an important first step. Seven helpful tips provide a way to fix ground-level window leaks during basement remodeling waterproofing.

Remodeling Requires Dry Conditions

Since remodeling involves construction, property owners should not embark on this project without seeking a dry, waterproof basement. Dank, wet environments foster the development of molds and mildews. Also, money expended remodeling a damp basement often goes to waste.

Water enters basements in a number of ways. Windows sometimes permit water intrusions. Consider fixing window leaks whenever performing basement remodeling waterproofing. A knowledgeable waterproofing contractor offers useful assistance in completing this task.

Seven Tips to Correct Window Leaks During Basement Remodeling Waterproofing

Basement windows supply a number of benefits. These locations help fill the lowest level of a residence with natural light. In some emergency situations, a basement window may offer a valuable escape route from a home. Sometimes remodeling projects involve adding windows to help brighten poorly lit basements.

Yet it remains very important to fix window water leaks during basement remodeling waterproofing. Consider relying upon some (or all) of these seven useful steps:

1. Evaluate your home’s location carefully and fix poor grading.

Sometimes the gradient of the surrounding terrain permits water to flow into basement windows. If the ground slopes directly towards these locations, problems cause by water intrusion may increase. A smart precaution to resolve window water leaks may involve re-grading the yard immediately outside the window. Sometimes, simply providing other channels for yard drainage helps alleviate some basement window water leak issues.

2. Assess any foundation drainage issues with care.

In this respect, checking the condition of any drains near the foundation also proves useful. Ensure these channels remain open and in good condition. Water should flow away from (not towards) the residence. Also, an experienced waterproofing contractor may offer valuable assistance.

3. Caulk (or re-caulk) existing windows and replace broken window glass.

Do basement windows display broken or cracked glass? Repair these defects. Are the window frames in the watertight condition? Therefore, in some cases, simply caulking or re-caulking around the window may resolve window water leaks.

4. Consider installing window wells (and safety covers) to promote better drainage.

To stop water from pooling outside a basement window, consider installing a window well. Today, many manufacturers also provide excellent transparent safety covers for these locations. The safety covers prove helpful in preventing accidents caused by people or pets accidentally falling into the window well. Also, consider obtaining professional window well and window safety cover installation.

5. Inspect gutters and downspouts and fix any leaks.

Another helpful measure involves inspecting the condition of your home’s rooftop gutters and downspouts. A clog or a leak in these systems might cause water to cascade directly around a basement window. Thus, this situation increases the chance of a window water leak problem developing over time.

6. Install watertight replacement windows, if necessary.

Sometimes, homeowners discover a complete basement window replacement represents the best option for resolving water intrusions. Also, many manufacturers offer excellent, well-constructed basement windows. Companies like Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. can provide skilled basement window installation services for waterproofing customers.

7. Don’t hesitate to install a basement dehumidifier.

Have you undertaken an expensive basement remodeling project recently? If a damp basement has caused problems in the past, consider taking aggressive measures to maintain waterproofing. Also, you might discover value in installing a high-quality basement dehumidifier. Maintaining new construction in a watertight condition helps prevent mold growth. Therefore, dank, persistently wet environments sometimes require costly basement remodeling repair measures.

Obtain The Assistance of a Waterproofing Contractor in NC

The skills of a full-time waterproofing contractor like Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. serve property owners during remodeling projects. Also, we offer knowledgeable assistance in performing basement remodeling waterproofing. For example, our company frequently fixes window leaks. We also install window wells, interior drains, and other waterproofing systems.

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. serves customers across the Triangle Area. Contact us for assistance if you reside in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill. We assist property owners in outlying locations, too. Lastly, to speak with us, simply call 919-877-9969 now. We look forward to helping you!

Six Reasons For Seeking Waterproofing Problem Diagnosis Services in North Carolina

Waterproofing Problem Diagnosis: a Planning Tool

Today, property owners in the Triangle Area of North Carolina widely appreciate the value of developing waterproofing plans. Problem diagnosis forms an important component of this process. It helps identify the source of moisture threatening man-made structures. Consider Raleigh Waterproofing Inc. to assist you by performing a waterproofing problem diagnosis.

Develop a Comprehensive Waterproofing Plan

We strongly recommend creating a customized written waterproofing plan for every building. For example, this type of planning helps homeowners implement improvements systematically. Obtaining accurate waterproofing problem diagnosis serves as the cornerstone for developing a realistic plan.

An experienced waterproofing contractor offers valuable assistance. This expert helps clients identify potential sources of water intrusion, for example. A contractor working exclusively in the waterproofing field develops close familiarity with local conditions. While every waterproofing plan differs, property owners in the same locale sometimes share certain concerns in common.

Six Reasons to Request Waterproofing Problem Diagnosis

Why should you consider seeking waterproofing problem diagnosis services from a full-time waterproofing contractor? Consider some of the most common reasons to request this assistance:

1. Waterproofing Contractors Help Clients Undertake Planning

An experienced contractor assists property owners in performing comprehensive planning for waterproofing. Typically, problem diagnosis plays an important part in this process. The final written plan should assist clients in implementing long term improvements to obtain dry, comfortable premises. It offers a realistic roadmap to follow to help achieve this result.

2. Lenders Appreciate Waterproofing Problem Diagnosis

One strong reason to request a waterproofing contractor’s assistance with problem diagnosis relates to project financing. Some types of waterproofing construction improvements represent a significant investment in realty. Many lenders desire input from an experienced licensed contractor in evaluating the need for proposed property improvements. A bank might hesitate to lend money to customers for unspecified waterproofing purposes. However, detailing the problem diagnosis (and the proposed solutions) helps document the need for the loan.

3. Accurate Waterproofing Problem Diagnosis May Require Testing

In some circumstances, obtaining an accurate waterproofing problem diagnosis requires testing. Additionally, it usually makes sense to request assistance from an experienced contractor in these circumstances. Also, a waterproofing expert may help property owners prioritize available testing options and improvements as cost-effectively as possible.

4. Problem Diagnosis Potentially Impacts Property Re-sales

The development of a realistic comprehensive waterproofing plan potentially impacts property marketability. However, knowing a skilled building contractor performed waterproofing problem diagnosis often helps reassure hesitant buyers. Also, some locations experience seasonal flooding problems. Home seekers in these areas may prefer realty that already includes waterproofing improvements.

5. Implement Cost-Effective Waterproofing Problem Diagnosis

In some circumstances, a developer may seek the cooperation of several homeowners to implement comprehensive waterproofing improvements. For example, a French drain might serve multiple homes in a subdivision. It usually makes sense to ask an experienced contractor to supply skilled problem diagnosis in this situation. This approach may result in significant cost savings for impacted property owners.

6. Correct Problem Diagnosis Affects Maintenance Costs

Frequently, different waterproofing solutions carry variable maintenance costs. It makes sense to obtain an accurate problem diagnosis before finalizing a waterproofing plan. An experienced contractor offers valuable help to clients in budgeting for these measures. The source of water intrusion may make a big difference when comparing available solutions (and their costs).

An Important First Step

In North Carolina, requesting a knowledgeable waterproofing inspection serves as an important first step in planning. Before a contractor can perform problem diagnosis, it remains important to carefully evaluate the condition of the realty. Furthermore, a waterproofing expert examines the lowest level of the home for signs of water intrusion. Also, a complete inspection typically includes considering yard drainage issues, too.

In some cases, the inspection may reveal effective current waterproofing measures already exist. Also, in other situations, water leaks and damp conditions appear obvious to everyone. However, many waterproofing inspections uncover subtle signs of water intrusion (undetected by the property owners previously). The inspection process helps determine a “baseline” for the property. It assists homeowners in seeking comprehensive waterproofing planning services.

Further Information

Does waterproofing problem concern you? To request a comprehensive property waterproofing inspection, contact Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. Also, we serve customers across the Triangle Area. Ask us to evaluate waterproofing plans for homes or businesses. Therefore, we possess extensive experience in implementing a full spectrum of waterproofing solutions.

Accurate waterproofing problem diagnosis assists customers from Raleigh and Durham to Chapel Hill, NC. Also, this service frequently helps maintain the marketability of real estate in this area. Lastly, contact us online now, or by calling 919-877-9969. We look forward to speaking with you!

Six Popular Reasons For Requesting Excavations by a Waterproofing Firm

Experienced waterproofing companies sometimes perform excavations for customers. This process requires both training and the selection of correct tools and supplies. The type of soil significantly affects the digging process. However, sometimes physically uncovering underground structures proves essential in ascertaining the best ways to achieve long-lasting waterproofing.

About Excavations

During excavations, a contractor carefully plans and then conducts digging operations. Obviously, many factors influence this activity. Such as the construction purpose, the topography, the type(s) of soils (or other aggregates), and the water table. Excavations require careful adherence to safety protocols.

One significant risk in this process involves collapsing excavations. As contractors dig, they typically need to also install temporary support equipment to prevent this problem. Another issue involves water entering the site. Wet conditions frequently complicate construction excavations in North Carolina.

Six Popular Reasons Customers Request Excavating Services

Why do customers request our assistance conducting excavations in Raleigh, NC and outlying areas? Overall, a multitude of reasons may inspire this request. Many relate to specific waterproofing projects:

Waterproofing Residential Foundations

Significantly, owners of older homes discover basements built decades ago would benefit from better waterproofing. Many advances have occurred in waterproofing technology recently. The circumstances of each project differ. Yet in some cases, exposing a foundation to supply exterior waterproofing services proves helpful.

Installing New French Drains

An underground channel called a “French Drain” helps direct yard drainage. Accordingly, it may offer useful assistance draining the flow of rain runoff away from your home or business. Customers sometimes request excavations to construct this helpful waterproofing improvement.

Building Home Additions

Excavations frequently occur during the completion of a home addition. It may become necessary to expand the size of the foundation. This process requires skilled construction services. Including waterproofing measures as one component of a home addition project enhances overall cost-effectiveness during the long term.

Adding Foundation Drain Lines

Customers often ask waterproofing firms to assist them by excavating to install new (or replacement) foundation drain lines. This measure may help prevent basement flooding in some older homes, for example. Excavating at any time requires careful planning. The location of foundation drain lines proves vitally important.

Installing Cisterns

Installing underground cisterns also requires skilled excavation services. Numerous regulations and safety rules impact this activity. Customers with significant yard drainage issues often find this improvement very helpful. Ask a skilled excavations contractor for assistance with this type of project.

In-ground Swimming Pools

In some situations, customers installing in-ground swimming pools require waterproofing excavation services. This step proves especially useful for long lasting concrete-lined pools. Leaky swimming pools often prove costly to repair. Considering waterproofing issues at the time of pool excavations proves helpful.

Planning Your Excavations

One important issue to keep in mind whenever you request excavations concerns the importance of planning. The approach selected for conducting digging often matters enormously. It makes sense to entrust this type of project to an experienced, careful contractor. Try and find a firm with extensive knowledge in the waterproofing field.

Performing Experienced Excavations in North Carolina

Have you searched for a well-qualified waterproofing contractor to perform excavations? Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. serves customers throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina. We possess extensive experience excavating in the Greater Raleigh Area. We travel to Durham and Chapel Hill, NC frequently to provide this service, for example.

In addition to excavating, we offer a spectrum of waterproofing assistance. Ask us to install a French Drain or a sump pump, for instance. We perform foundation repairs, concrete crack injections, and other complex waterproofing construction services. Our President holds a general contractor license in North Carolina.

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers experienced waterproofing and excavation services to help customers. We may assist customers by referring them to specialized contractors for some types of complex projects. Our company works closely with project managers and site engineers.

Contact us easily using the convenient online form. We also welcome the opportunity to submit bids for large projects. To speak with us directly, please call 919-877-9969. We look forward to assisting you!

Prevent Water Condensation Problems Using 8 Helpful Techniques

Today, property owners in North Carolina appreciate the importance of maintaining dry residential interiors. And of course, waterproofing firms offer valuable assistance in achieving this goal. One troublesome source of water damage frustrates some homeowners: water condensation. This brief article suggests eight useful ways to help prevent this common problem.

Water Condensation

Most people see examples of condensation frequently. Ultimately, as a result, water droplets eventually result from this process. It is incredibly unfortunate though when this condensation occurs indoors in unexpected ways. It may cause significant problems in basements and crawl spaces, for instance.

The term “condensation” refers to a chemical reaction reducing material to a denser form. For example, condensation occurs as steam leaves the air to form droplets. This process happens indoors more often than many people anticipate. Basement water condensation typically develops when humid, moist air intercepts a much colder surface. The air compresses and water droplets form as the moist air cools.

A Problem For Homeowners

Water condensation creates problems for North Carolina homeowners. This condition causes inconvenience on humid days. For example, water droplets forming on windows may obstruct clear views. This streaking also increases housekeeping burdens.

Long term undetected condensation sometimes results in property damage. In basements or crawl spaces, this process poses a significant concern. It ultimately promotes mold and mildew growth. Additionally, since water warps wooden surfaces, this issue potentially reduces the anticipated lifespan of buildings. Most experts recommend preventing unplanned water condensation to the extent possible.

Eight Useful Ways to Reduce Basement Water Condensation

Do you need to minimize basement condensation? If so, generally taking a few simple actions promotes this goal. Consider using these tips:

Install a Basement Dehumidifier

Firstly, one of the simplest ways to help prevent basement water condensation involves installing a dehumidifier. This technology extracts moisture from the air. Today, dehumidifiers vary widely in price. Contact a waterproofing company for assistance installing a high quality unit.

Prevent Basement Plumbing Leaks

Check over basement pipes to ensure none of them leak. Moist basement air sometimes results from leaking plumbing pipes or fixtures in this location. Hence, obvious signs of dripping water near exposed pipes must be found and also fixed.

Insulate Basement Plumbing Pipes

Sometimes water condensation (not leaks) occurs on the surface of plumbing pipes. Insulating exposed pipes may help prevent this problem. Wrapping the surface of pipes also helps minimize frozen pipes during winter (a common source of water leaks).

Seal Dryer Ducts

Do you use a dryer in the basement? Sometimes unsealed dryer ducts contribute to water condensation problems. Taking steps to seal dryer ducts may prove helpful. Ensure you can still access these locations for periodic cleaning, however. Dryer vents accumulate lint (for this reason, they require regular cleaning as a fire safety measure).

Move Basement Clotheslines Outside

Some households maintain laundry lines in basements. Consider hanging clothes outdoors instead. You’ll help reduce basement water condensation problems.

Add a Basement Fan

Another excellent way to reduce basement condensation involves installing an overhead fan. Use it only on non-humid days. The increased circulation through the area will help reduce condensation concerns.

Insulate The Basement

If you feel confident condensation accounts for a damp basement, then adding insulation may prove helpful. Refrain from taking this step if other reasons account for water in this location, however. You’ll want to correct any water seepage before insulating.

Prevent Water Seepage Into Basements And Crawl Spaces

Have you tried corrective measures but the basement still remains damp? The problem may stem from water seepage (not water condensation). Consider contacting a full-time waterproofing firm for assistance in this situation. Sometimes simple measures like installing a sump pump offer an ideal solution! (3)

Request Waterproofing Services

To obtain assistance creating dry, comfortable basements and crawl spaces, contact Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. We serve customers across Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the Greater Triangle Area. We’ll gladly help you correct indoor water condensation problems. We offer affordable waterproofing services.

To reach us, simply call 919-877-9969. You may also use the convenient online contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!

How Will The Coronavirus Pandemic Impact The Waterproofing Industry in North Carolina?

The significant impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States and around the world preoccupies millions of Americans. The disease causes health concerns. It also produces anxiety about the long term impact of social distancing on the economy. What, if any, effect will the outbreak of COVID-19 make on the waterproofing industry in North Carolina? What changes might impact prospective customers during this challenging period?

The Waterproofing Industry: Closely Connected to Construction

Today, the waterproofing industry in Raleigh and other communities in North Carolina maintains close connections with the broader construction field. It also overlaps (to some extent) with the landscaping and excavation industries. Full-time waterproofing firms like Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. assist property owners in achieving and maintaining dry, more comfortable premises.

Prioritizing Employee Health And Safety Highly

Business analysts suggest the current outbreak of COVID-19 holds ramifications for the construction industry in the United States. Yet predicting the full scope of these impacts proves difficult. In the immediate future, businesses in the waterproofing industry maintain a primary emphasis upon promoting employee health and safety. Ensuring the well being of customers also matters to us.

As of March 23, 2020, the CDC reported 255 confirmed cases of coronavirus in North Carolina. That total will likely rise as testing continues. The Governor issued a directive to close public schools for a two-week period commencing on March 16th. He also banned gatherings of more than 100 people as a precautionary measure. Most workplaces here remain open despite the disease outbreak.

Requesting Customer Cooperation

Coronavirus likely won’t impact waterproofing projects in North Carolina significantly. However, employees who don’t feel well should remain home. Potentially, this precaution might extend some completion dates due to availability issues. Yet it will help everyone ensure a healthier labor force.

The COVID-19 outbreak has showcased many acts of community spirit and cooperation. Companies in the waterproofing industry depend upon customer understanding during this period. We seek to complete every project on schedule. However, we also don’t want to perform work on your premises unless everyone feels healthy!

Long Term Economic Impacts

The long term economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the waterproofing industry remains unclear. Some analysts foresee possible delays in building supply deliveries for certain products. Items imported from locations with significant disease outbreaks might arrive more slowly.

For example, many parts of China experienced workplace slowdowns during January and February. Some Chinese manufacturing firms fell behind in their production schedules as a result. Potentially, manufacturers of construction supplies in the USA might experience similar delays during the next few weeks or months.

Impacts on The Real Estate Market

The need to maintain waterproof premises never diminishes. Consequently, waterproofing industry services will likely remain in high demand. This region sometimes experiences harsh storms. Since dry, waterproof conditions contribute to healthier living spaces, many property owners in Raleigh require this service.

A Miami newspaper recently reported the results of a national real estate survey. Home buyers in areas heavily impacted by the epidemic indicated a decreased interest in purchasing over the short term. Sellers in these locations also withdrew homes from the marketplace more frequently. These trends will likely change once the epidemic ends. Yet in the short term, the real estate market reflects a temporary slow down in some places.

Historically Low Interest Rates

At the present time, a drop in the interest rate assists real estate owners. Some property owners may seek waterproofing industry services before placing real estate on the market. It makes sense to schedule projects as far in advance as possible based upon this situation.

A period of slow short term market activity allows home sellers to review waterproofing issues. If you anticipate selling a home this year, consider using this period to review your property’s waterproofing status. It might prove helpful to schedule some waterproofing improvements now, while interest rates remain low.

Request Waterproofing Industry Services

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by coronavirus. However, the need to maintain comfortable, dry homes and businesses remains unchanged. Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. remains available to furnish a full spectrum of waterproofing industry services. Our company continues working with customers to assist them in developing practical waterproofing plans.

Contact us for assistance with waterproofing projects in North Carolina. We offer expertise in achieving yard drainage goals. We also help maintain dry basements, foundations, and crawl spaces. Do you anticipate launching a new commercial or residential building project soon? We offer skilled construction waterproofing assistance. Call 919-877-9969 to request waterproofing industry services.

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc.: Timely Polyurethane Crack Injections Help Maintain Real Estate Values

Today, property owners across the Greater Raleigh Area request assistance maintaining real estate from experienced waterproofing firms. One of the most important services we offer requires skill repairing concrete. Should you seek polyurethane crack injections to help protect a residential or commercial basement? You should especially consider these top five reasons why you should obtain waterproofing assistance such as crack injection assistance in North Carolina:

One: Enhance Basement Waterproofing

Why do property owners sometimes search for polyurethane crack injection services? This process involves injecting a grout into a concrete crack under pressure. Undoubtably, the polyurethane grout prevents water from seeping into the cavity. Yet it also supplies durable flexibility. Hence this material serves as an excellent barrier against leaking water.

When cracks develop in concrete walls, polyurethane crack injection sometimes offers an excellent solution. It enhances basement waterproofing very cost-effectively. Experts sometimes recommend this technique as a solution for damaged basements and cellars.

Two: Prevent The Enlargement of Fine Cracks in Basement Walls

Another reason to request this service concerns the impacts of water leaks. Because concrete serves as a strong, versatile building material. It typically endures for decades in man-made structures. Yet the development of small cracks may eventually cause serious problems.

Why should small cracks in basement walls concern property owners? Over the course of time, leaking water tends to expand cracks. Therefore, it will enlarge small fissures over time. Polyurethane crack injections may help halt this deterioration. Certainly, in some cases, waterproofing construction experts recommend making this improvement.

Three: Prepare a Basement For Finishing

Firstly, one important reason to seek polyurethane crack injections involves preparing a leaky basement for finishing. No one should expect to permanently finish a wet basement. If basement cracks permit water entry, property owners need to repair the damage first. Otherwise, a finished basement will eventually develop mold and mildew problems.

Permanently sealing cracks in basement concrete with polyurethane grout sometimes helps create a leak-free surface. It allows builders to dry out basements. After ensuring water leaks won’t continue, property owners may safely commence construction. (This improvement varies as a solution for wet basements, of course.)

Four: Obtain Permanent Basement Crack Sealing

In many cases, polyurethane crack injections provide a long lasting solution for basement water leaks. Waters enters basements for many reasons. Sometimes multiple sources of water intrusion contribute to dank, wet buildings. In this situation, sealing cracks in cement alone won’t solve leak problems.

However, in other cases, water enters basements only through cracked concrete walls. Applying polyurethane grout might provide the best way to solve a moisture problem in the basement. A waterproofing inspection by an expert helps determine if this improvement offers the best solution, or not. When applicable, permanent crack sealing with polyurethane may help resolve troublesome basement concrete problems.

Five: Reduce The Chance of Expensive Basement Damage

Perhaps the strongest reason to request polyurethane crack injection services concerns preventing costly damage. Ongoing basement leaks exact a heavy toll on real estate. Accordingly, a persistently wet basement may lead to significant property losses. Molds and mildews, structural damage, or even foundation weaknesses sometimes result from this situation.

When available, polyurethane crack injections supply an intelligent leak-prevention measure. This improvement helps a property owner safeguard an investment in real estate more effectively. It sometime helps avoid further water damage in a basement. Consider using this “ounce of prevention” to avoid more expensive bills down the road!

Polyurethane Crack Injections: A Wise Investment!

This type of skilled construction project lies outside the scope of simple “home improvement” efforts. Because off-the-shelf hardware store patching compounds don’t equal this building material’s suitability. Waterproofing contractors apply polyurethane carefully using high (or low) pressure techniques. They force the grout deeply into a concrete crack to fill it completely.

For many reasons, realty owners in Raleigh NC appreciate the availability of polyurethane crack injection services. Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. possesses extensive experience supplying this improvement. We undertake both polyurethane and epoxy crack injection projects for customers. Don’t entrust this type of construction repair to an untrained amateur!

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Would you benefit by obtaining a knowledgeable property waterproofing inspection? This service helps detect cracks and water leaks in concrete basement walls. It helps property owners in North Carolina determine whether or not to seek polyurethane crack injection services. Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers a full range of waterproofing assistance to customers in the Triangle Area.

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Sump Station + Homeowners Insurance Policy = Basic Risk Management

Today, many homes in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and other communities utilize a sump station. They provide a basin at the lowest point in a ground-level (or a basement) floor for water collection. Generally, a sump pump actively pumps water from the sump station into a drain, channeling runoff away from the premises.

Indeed, a sump station serves as an invaluable home waterproofing feature. It prevents water from pooling indoors. In many locations, a home’s sump pump serves as the first line of defense against seasonal basement flooding. We’d like to suggest a useful risk management strategy for this technology.

Investing in a Well-Maintained Sump Station

Firstly, if your North Carolina home lacks a sump station, consider requesting a waterproofing inspection. Today, many home builders routinely install sump stations. However, some older dwellings don’t contain this important feature. Depending on the circumstances, adding one (or more) sump stations might enhance waterproofing.

Most households prefer to obtain sump station installations with the assistance of a licensed contractor. Creating the sump station generally requires excavation. (Your waterproofing team can also install the sump pump(s) for you at the same time.)

Three Common Sump Station Locations

During recent years, property owners have installed sump stations in a variety of places. However, this improvement usually offers waterproofing benefits in three specific sites:


Many basements in homes in Raleigh, NC and outlying areas include sump stations. For example, a sump pump and a backup sump pump may help prevent seasonal basement flooding. The pumps offer around-the-clock protection against damage caused by pooling water.

Crawl Spaces

Sometimes a sump station also helps keep crawl spaces dry. For instance, in sites with high water tables, this technology may prove very useful. The pump may help prevent rain from forming a seasonal pond beneath a low-lying home.

Laundry Rooms

Sump stations also provide valuable waterproofing assistance in homes with ground-level laundry rooms. A flood in this location might damage expensive appliances. Consequently, sump pumps often serve as essential laundry room waterproofing tools.

Using Sump Stations to Reduce The Risk of Water Damage

Sump stations help property owners by collecting water. The sump pump then directs this runoff through a drain. It may help prevent water from forming standing puddles inside or beneath the home. With proper maintenance, a sump station poses one of the most cost-effective waterproofing tools available.

Today, the field of risk management helps many businesses save money. Additionally, managers employ strategies to minimize the chance of encountering losses. Homeowners can utilize sump stations in a somewhat similar manner. Certainly, this type of home improvement will likely pay for itself by preventing an indoor flood.

About Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home, you probably maintain homeowners insurance. Most mortgages contain a clause requiring the purchase of this form of coverage. Homeowners insurance helps protect property owners from a variety of losses that potentially impact their dwellings.

Unfortunately, despite the importance of sump pumps, most homeowners insurance policies don’t automatically cover this equipment. Consider reviewing the terms of your homeowners insurance policy with a licensed North Carolina insurance agent. This expert can tell you whether your coverage includes protection against a sump pump failure.

A Useful Homeowners Insurance Policy Rider

What if your homeowners insurance policy excludes catastrophic residential sump pump failures? Some insurance companies offer additional coverage through available riders. The “rider” essentially allows a customer to purchase extra insurance protection.

So, you might consider asking your insurance agent to search for a policy rider to insure your home’s sump pumps. Reportedly, several insurance companies offer this additional coverage for an extra charge. It offers some protection against sudden catastrophic sump pump failures.

Request Sump Station Installation in North Carolina

Does flooding ever impact your home in the Greater Raleigh Area? Would you benefit from the installation (or repair) of one or more sump stations? Sump pumps perform a vital role in helping prevent residential water damage in many parts of North Carolina. Therefore, it makes sound financial sense to keep this equipment in good working condition.

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. furnishes a full range of sump pump and sump station services. Consider asking us to inspect your home’s sump stations. We also perform sump pump repair or replacement. We frequently install back-up sump stations for customers, too.

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Crack Injection Repair…. Has Your House Shifted?

Crack Injection Repair….. Has Your House Shifted? At first glance, this crisis on the big island of Hawaii seems far removed from North Carolina. Residents of this area certainly experience sympathy for property owners who have suffered such devastating losses.

In this part of the United States, we face considerably fewer risks of encountering sudden volcanic activity. Yet this tragedy does hold an important message for real estate owners everywhere. Although largely unseen and usually very, very slowly moving, geologic forces do not remain immobile. Even the massive expanses of earth beneath our feet do indeed move and change over the course of time.

During recent weeks, the tragedy facing hundreds of homeowners in Hawaii has received extensive news media attention. As the active Kilauea Volcano spewed noxious gases into the air and sent burning hot flows of lava surging towards the Pacific Ocean, civil defense teams hurried to evacuate nearby residential areas. Many homeowners learned their property had become uninhabitable as a result of the unexpected natural disaster.

The geologic activity underway in Hawaii at this moment seems frightening in its magnitude and scope. However, the lava flows we witness today will eventually cool and form seemingly stable ground. Kilauea and other volcanoes have helped shape and re-shape the map of the lovely Hawaiian Islands for thousands of years; they showcase the awesome power of natural forces.

Shifting Soil: A Common Occurrence

Geology in fact potentially impacts real estate everywhere. Most people never experience cataclysmic geologic changes first hand (thankfully!). Homeowners in the Greater Raleigh Area do see indirect signs of the slow movements of soils underground in some situations, however.

Has Your House Settled Creating Cracks?

Perhaps you have heard of cases of homes requiring foundation repairs due to shifting top soils? Or seen signs of “settling” in a new home a few years after construction? A variety of natural forces potentially interact with soil to create transformation and movement underground.

Uncontrolled flows of water beneath the ground remain one of the most potent forces for producing changes in topsoil, for example. In some cases (certainly not all), cracks develop in residential foundations and basements due to water pooling beneath a home. Over the course of time, often a period of decades, this situation may produce unwanted impacts due to gradually shifting underground soils. In extreme cases, it may even cause serious structural problems in residential properties unless homeowners implement corrective measures.

Crack Injection Repair

Of course, unlike geologic formations which usually remain for eons, the typical residential wood-frame structure maintains a more fleeting existence. The anticipated average useful lifespan of a dwelling today exceeds 100 years. Some houses (particularly ones constructed from brick or stone) enjoy a longer effective lifespan, while many mobile homes and manufactured houses endure for less than a century.

In evaluating foundation and basement repair issues, homeowners need to remember these corrective measures don’t serve as a permanent “cure all”. Instead, they prevent the pace of ongoing damage to a basement or foundation from prematurely cutting short the anticipated utility property owners enjoy from the residence. A waterproofing company, such as Raleigh Waterproofing Inc., may also offer constructive suggestions for preventing (or slowing) further deterioration from uncontrolled drainage or water intrusions.

The process of crack injection involves injecting specially manufactured epoxies or polyurethane into developing concrete cracks to help seal these fissures. If left open, cracks in concrete will allow water to seep into a basement or foundation. When water freezes, it expands in size. Over the course of time, the cycle of water-filled cracks subjected to repeated freezing and thawing serves to enlarge the scope of a foundation or basement wall crack.

Simply sealing unwanted foundation and basement concrete cracks greatly retards the process of the deterioration of these structures. Taking this step may help homeowners immensely. It sometimes marks the difference between maintaining a residence in a waterproof, habitable condition or encountering significant repair bills down the road!

Local Foundation And Basement Crack Injection Repair Assistance

Have you noticed worrisome crack formation in your home’s basement or foundation? Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. assists homeowners in the Greater Raleigh Area and its environs. In many situations, we prevent ongoing damage to these structures from robbing homeowners of the benefits of their investment in their home.

Skilled crack injection services may offer a viable solution to stem the development of foundation and basement cracks. These repairs may stop water damage from prematurely causing structural problems in a home, for instance.

If you’d like to obtain a waterproofing inspection of your basement or foundation, contact us at


We look forward to assisting you in maintaining your residential basement and foundation in the best possible condition!