Four Tips on Waterproofing Your Crawlspace

How to Waterproof a Crawlspace – Have you ever thought about waterproofing the crawlspace in your home? There are many reasons why this may be needed. The area is a very critical part of the structure of your home. Flooding in this area is always a possibility. If this happens, it can cost a lot of money to fix, not to mention time and energy.

What Are the Main Dangers of a Flooded Crawlspace?

There are a lot of reasons why you need to make sure that your crawlspace never gets flooded. The main reason is because this area is so crucial to the well being of your basic structure. If this area should get waterlogged, it can compromise its integrity. This can lead to it being evacuate or even demolished.

This is the area from which most of the air in your home will circulate. You can’t afford to let the air get contaminated by standing water. It will create humidity issues that can make the quality of the air suspect. It can also give mold and bacteria a free space in which to multiply and lead to health issues.

A Vapor Barrier Will Protect Your Soil

The soil in your crawlspace needs to be kept as dry as possible. This is an area where flooding or excess humidity is very undesirable. Many crawlspace floors are left completely unprotected. Instead of keeping this area bare, you can cover it up with plastic sheets. This will prevent water from forming pools.

This is the kind of job that you may not be qualified to do on your own. Getting the plastic sheets laid just right can be a tricky operation. They need to cover the area in a symmetrical and effective fashion. They also need to be monitored to make sure they are doing their job. Your best bet is to hire a pro to do it.

You Need to Seal Up the Leaks

Your crawlspace is not an area where you can afford to have too many gaps, leaks, cracks, and other fissures. You don’t want rain or flood water getting into this area and causing all many of issues. Water can also enter through the vents, piers, foundation, and many other points. The time to stop this is now.

This is all the more crucial if the house was not new when you bought it. One of the very first things you will need to do is give this area a thorough going over. It may not have received this kind of attention since it was first built. If this is the case, there may be problems that are just building up to occur.

Sealing off all of the areas where water can enter is a good way to extend the life of your home. You can use caulk and other materials to seal off some of them. However, there may be other areas, especially around your foundation, where you may need expert help. A crawlspace drainage pro can handle this task.

You May Need to Use a Sump Pump

If water has already gotten into your crawlspace, you may need to hire a sump pump to get it out. This is the kind of job that may require more than one person to handle. The main issue will be using the right size pump to cover the area. Your best bet will be to hire an expert service to gauge the details.

A sump pump is the best solution to handle flooding issues. This is true even if the water has been standing there for a long time. It may take a few hours to get every last drop of water out. However, the sump pump system is a complex and thorough one. It can remove water from even the most hidden nooks and crevices.

Make Sure Your Drainage System is Working

The last thing you need to make sure of is that each and every element of your drainage system is working in good order. This is crucial since, without the proper amount of drainage, you can expect your crawlspace to flood on a regular basis.

You can hire a professional service to handle this task on your behalf. The goal will be to check the exterior and interior drainage systems in your home. This will certainly include your crawlspace. Getting a clean bill of health in this area is essential to your safety.

Contact Drainage and Waterproofing for More Info

Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions is here to be your one stop for all of your water drainage needs. We serve customers in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Southern Pines, and surrounding areas. We realize that these are critical issues that demand cost effective solutions. Get in touch with us today for more info.

How to Hire a Waterproofing Company in Raleigh, NC

The Benefits of Hiring a Waterproofing Company in Raleigh, NC

Homeowners in Raleigh, NC, need to do certain things to keep their homes in good shape. One is waterproofing. While the task may seem daunting, hiring a professional waterproofing company makes it much easier. Learn what benefits you’ll receive from hiring a waterproofing company in Raleigh.

Questions to Ask a Waterproofing Company Before Hiring It

Getting to know the company that you’ve chosen to hire for a waterproofing job is as easy as taking a few minutes out of your day to ask its representative questions that lead to you hiring it. Sometimes, you can find the info online on the company’s website. Either way, you should have a good idea of who is behind the waterproofing company and what they stand for before giving them your business. You’re likely to use their services in the future and refer other people to their company.

  • What services does your company have to offer? Waterproofing may be just one of them. You could benefit from additional services offered by the service provider.
  • What areas of the city and surrounding suburbs do you serve? You want to make sure that your neighborhood is one that the company works in today. If not, you’ll need to find another company to hire.
  • How long have you’ve been in business, and where can I see examples of your work? A long track record of success means that you, too, will be happy with the work that the company does for you. You’ll also want to see pictures of the waterproofing it has done for existing customers.
  • Do you offer warranties of the work that you do for your customers? It’s added protection for you in case something goes wrong. Get the guarantees in writing for the best results.
  • How quickly can you get the job done for me? It needs to get done in a reasonable amount of time. You want to work with a company that respects your time as much as it does its own.
  • Do you carry a license and insurance to work in the area? You don’t want the liability to fall on your shoulders. Checking it out before committing

Becoming familiar with the company makes it easier for you to see how it benefits you. The next section discusses the various advantages you’ll receive by hiring a waterproofing company in Raleigh, NC. That way, you’ll well aware of what takes place to get the job done right and by a team of caring professionals skilled at what they do.

The Advantages That Come with Hiring a Professional Waterproofing Company

As you already know, many advantages come with hiring a professional waterproofing company. Listing them out helps you recognize their significance in the decision-making process. You’re 100 percent sure you made the right choice when hiring one company over another.

Here are some of the benefits of waterproofing your home or commercial building:

  • The knowledge and skills of a professional with years of experience. Get the help that you deserve when you need it most from a company that cares about the quality of work it does for you. You have the advantage of working with the best of the best in the industry.
  • A company that you can count on for future projects. You’ll know who you can call when you need a helping hand with the work that you need to have waterproofed. Successful projects lead to more paid work from you for the company.
  • A home or business that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Your property is protected, which makes it excellent for getting things done. You can count on it withstanding heavy rain and snowfall without deteriorating.

Feeling more prepared than ever to hire a company to assist you with your project, you need to determine the date and time that works best for you to have an appointment with the company. You’ll know better than anyone else what schedule you keep and can adjust for the project.

Schedule Waterproofing Services Today

You might want to know what waterproofing can do for your residential or commercial property. Now that you have an idea of the benefits of hiring a professional to do the work for you, you can ask the right questions and get the service scheduled right away. Knowing more about the company that you’ve chosen to work with puts you at an advantage as you understand how its policies, procedures, and scheduling works.

Contact us today for more information 919-877-9969 and to get a Consultation with North Carolina’s best commercial and residential waterproofing company. You’ll find out quickly what makes our services ideal for customers with projects like yours. Let us know if you need additional information to feel confident hiring a professional waterproofing company in Raleigh to work on your property. We’re here to help in every way we can!

6 Ways to Avoid Needing Residential Foundation Waterproofing Repair Services

How to Avoid Needing Residential Foundation Waterproofing Repair Services

As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of potential problems with your home and take the steps needed to prevent them. One such problem is water damage to your foundation, which gets fixed through waterproofing repair services. However, there are some things you can do yourself to help avoid this issue altogether, or at least not allow it to worsen between service calls.

Preventing foundation damage saves you time, money, and the frustration of needing to hire a company to complete repairs for you. When you take precautionary measures to protect your foundation, amazing things happen. You experience fewer preventable problems and have more money available to improve other things about your property. You address the issue quickly and successfully, making it less of a liability for you and your family.

Learn About Your Home’s Foundation and How to Spot Potential Issues with It

The foundation is among the most important parts of your home. It’s something that you should learn more about taking care of as a homeowner. When you can examine the foundation and spot potential problems, you can call a professional faster to get things taken care of successfully. The waterproofing company does its part to address the issue and offer solutions that physically and financially meet your needs.

Some signs that you have problems with your foundation include:

  • Cracks. They’re visible in the foundation, floors, and walls.
  • Doors that stick or don’t open well. If you didn’t experience the problem previously, it’s likely a foundation issue.
  • Foundation sinking or settling. You can see where the ground has shifted, causing the foundation to sink or settle where it wasn’t before.
  • Gaps around window frames and doors. Things are visibly off-balance.
  • Floors that sag or become uneven. You can feel where the foundation shifted.

Too much standing water on the ground near your foundation can be problematic. There are ways to address the issue successfully. It may involve rethinking your landscaping, but it’s possible. The next section addresses the things you can do to prevent water damage.

Do Your Part to Prevent Water Damage

Proper drainage makes all the difference in how well your home’s foundation stands up over time. Investing in professional landscaping services can make it easier for you to care for your yard while preventing water from causing erosion and making your foundation shift. You must do everything in your power to waterproof your home in every way, from the plants you grow to the way you decorate your yard.

Look for Damage and Leaks While Examining Your Foundation

If you see physical signs of damage, it’s time to contact a foundation waterproofing repair service. They’ll thoroughly inspect the structure to see what they can do to stop the problem from worsening. If the foundation shifts, it can cause the entire structure to become unstable and dangerous to be inside.

Keep Gutters and Downspouts Clean

It’s a way to protect your home from the aftermath of heavy rainfall and snowfall. When the water runs through the gutters and downspouts, it gets led away from the home. You won’t have water accumulation on the roof or near the foundation, where it can cause a threat to your property. Investing in the services that keep your home and family protected at all times is worth every penny that you spend on it.

Contact a Professional for a Thorough Inspection of Your Foundation

You must seek the help of a knowledgeable and skilled professional who knows what to do to fix your foundation. The foundation waterproofing repair company goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. They want to make sure that your foundation has no flaws so you can continue to protect it long-term. Foundation repairs drain a budget relatively quickly.

There are many things you can do to protect your home’s foundation. The more aware you are of the potential problems it can experience, the better you are to recognize an issue that needs a professional to address. Teaming up with a company that does foundation waterproofing repair is highly beneficial. It allows you to address problems with your home before they have a chance to worsen and cost you a greater expense.

Protect Your Home’s Foundation with Waterproofing Services from Us

Taking care of your home’s foundation is important if you want to protect your investment and keep your family safe. That’s why it’s crucial to know what to look for and how to take steps to prevent water damage. If you notice any signs of damage or leaks, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

Raleigh Waterproofing inspects your foundation and takes the necessary steps to waterproof it. Protect your home from water damage by scheduling an appointment today! One phone call is all it takes to keep your foundation from future incidents. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs for assistance with us.

Repairing Winter Foundation Damage

Repairing Winter Foundation Damage

Although Raleigh winter temperatures rarely dip below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the winter weather can still do some damage. This includes winter foundation damage that you may not notice until well into spring. You may find issues in your basement, such as damp spots on your walls or cracks in cinder block mortar joints. These signs that water seeped into your foundation and froze require repairs and basement waterproofing to keep your structure sound.

Why are my basement walls leaking water?

Most homes built in the Raleigh area have some type of exterior basement waterproofing applied as part of construction. This basement waterproofing can include asphalt-coated sheeting or a plastic membrane. But over time, these materials break down. As they age, the barriers allow moisture from the ground to soak into the foundation. This moisture freezes in winter, expanding to create cracks and other winter foundation damage.

It is surprising how much water dwells inside a home’s foundation, particularly if your home builder used cinder block basement construction. Each of these blocks has two center openings where water collects but cannot escape. Even a solid concrete foundation is naturally porous and allows water to collect in these tiny pores. Whether the temperatures drop below 36 degrees for one night or multiple, water already in your foundation freezes, expands and causes winter foundation damage. The freezing water cracks mortar, shifts the foundation blocks and creates tiny cracks that only get bigger with time, ground shifts and more winter weather.

Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

Winter foundation damage is not always the first sign that you need basement waterproofing. There are actually multiple ways you can tell that water is making its way from the outside to the inside of your home at ground level.

Signs you need basement waterproofing to prevent winter foundation damage include:

1. Structural Defects
Structural defects like cracks in basement walls clearly indicate your basement has a problem. Because soil expands and contracts on an ongoing basis, the pressure exerted on your foundation also changes. This pressure will make these cracks bigger, just like leaking water does. If you notice bowing walls or cracks forming in mortar or the walls themselves, call your Raleigh basement waterproofing pros for help.

2. Odors and Dampness
How your home’s bottom level feels and smells are two other signs of a leaky basement. When you walk into your basement, do you notice a change in humidity from other parts of your home? Is there a musty smell in this space? If your basement shows either of these signs of moisture, it is time for a basement waterproofing inspection to avoid big problems like mold and mildew growth.

3. Shiny or Stained Walls
When basement walls leak water, these leaks can leave shiny trails and stains. If you notice your basement walls sparkling, there are probably mineral deposits being left behind from water leaks. Call your basement waterproofing experts at Raleigh Waterproofing for an inspection.

Options for Winter Foundation Damage Repair

The best way to prevent winter foundation damage is through basement waterproofing. As mentioned above, many methods of foundation protection actually break down over time. This is why you should have your foundation regularly inspected by basement waterproofing experts.

Some of the best methods for basement waterproofing and foundation protection include application of a moisture barrier, so water does not get into your foundation, in the first place. Basement sealing for interior walls is another method for preventing winter foundation damage. There are also the options of a French drain to properly direct water away from your home structure and a sump pump to keep the basement dry.

If your home experiences winter foundation damage this year, it is important to call the pros of Raleigh Waterproofing as soon as possible. They can evaluate the damage and determine the best means of repair. They can also recommend the best methods for basement waterproofing to keep the same type of damage from occurring again next year

Crack injections; A Powerful Technique For Repairing Concrete

As an experienced waterproofing contractor, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. sometimes assists customers by performing crack injections. This process supplies a valuable technique to help prevent small cracks in concrete surfaces from enlarging into significant defects. Yet this type of project involves considerable complexity. Customers frequently wish to know more about this important technology.

Crack injections

About Crack Injections

Today, many builders appreciate the strength, durability, and versatility of concrete. This building material occurs widely in both commercial and residential settings. From building foundations to basement walls to landscaping features, it helps create many important structures. Yet it proves essential to correct cracks in concrete in a timely manner.

Crack injections involve carefully infusing a waterproof material into a concrete crack. Typically, polyurethane or epoxy formulations serve this purpose. The injection helps forestall further water damage at the site. It may stop a small concrete crack from widening over the course of time.

When Crack Injections Prove Useful

Today, crack injections hold utility in a variety of circumstances. For example, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. frequently uses this technique to effect waterproofing. We may perform crack injections to prevent water from seeping through cracks in a basement or a foundation. In some communities, swimming pool repair companies also utilize this process.

Surprisingly, during recent years, a growing number of companies have performed “above grade” crack injections. These massive building projects sometimes seek to preserve failing infrastructure. For instance, a few years ago, an earthquake damaged many buildings in New Zealand. Above-grade crack injections helped maintain some badly damaged structures after the natural disaster.

A Complex Technique: One Illustration

We work primarily with polyurethane crack injections. Our company usually performs below-grade non-load bearing concrete repair services. Our firm offers valuable assistance to property owners seeking waterproofing. We devote considerable attention to work site preparation, an essential part of the crack-injection process.

Today, crack-injection often involves a lot of complexity. For example, companies undertaking above-grade repairs frequently use epoxy formulations. The ASTM C881 sets out standards for these materials. It lists seven types, including six classifications and three distinct grades. Epoxy formulations, viscosities, ambient temperatures, and site preparation all impact the final results.

Why Repairing a Leaky Basement Supplies Long Term Value

Why does an investment in waterproofing crack injection services usually make sound financial sense? Over the course of time, unrepaired cracks in concrete gradually widen. A leaky basement or foundation may allow water to seep into a crack and freeze. The pressure of the expanding water eventually widens the crack further. Crack injections help arrest this damaging cycle.

Of course, performing an injection cannot guarantee another crack won’t occur in a different location. Sometimes property owners in North Carolina need to conduct waterproofing inspections every few years. Taking this step helps them identify (and repair) any new concrete cracks in a timely manner. It ultimately helps maintain a building’s anticipated useful lifespan.

Working Closely With Property Owners

We work closely with real estate owners whenever we undertake injections. We strive to ensure the property owner understands the importance of regular waterproofing inspections. Additionally, cracks form in concrete for a variety of reasons. For example, in some cases, shifting soil places pressure on concrete surfaces. If the ground remains saturated with water, new leaks may occur eventually.

Our commitment to our customers extends beyond performing crack injections. Furthermore, we encourage customers to help create long-term waterproofing plans. Also, this step may involve requesting periodic waterproofing inspections. In some cases, undertaking crack injections every few years helps maintain the anticipated useful lifespans of homes and businesses.

Request Crack Injections to Enhance Waterproofing

Would your North Carolina property benefit from crack injections? Additionally, customers in the Triangle Area sometimes require this important waterproofing service. Also, it remains vital to ask a knowledgeable contractor to undertake this type of project. Improperly performed crack injections may fail.

As a licensed contractor, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. possesses expertise in completing this type of assignment. For example, we may use an injection to repair small cracks in basement walls or residential foundations. Also, our company performs careful site preparation. We work closely with property owners to solve waterproofing problems.

Our service area extends across the Greater Triangle Area. Contact us for assistance in Raleigh, NC. We also provide crack injection services in Durham, Chapel Hill, and outlying locations. Call us today at (919)-877-9969. Lastly, we look forward to assisting you!

Five Critical Aspects of French Drain Installation

Today, property owners in the Triangle Area frequently request French drain installation as a waterproofing measure. This time-tested technology offers valuable assistance in managing water runoff. Additionally, it frequently helps prevent water from collecting against the perimeter of a home or business.

French Drain Installation

However, installers must exercise care during French drain installation. Potentially, failing to pay close attention to five critical points proves disastrous. The skill of the installer matters in terms of the effectiveness of this improvement.

About French Drains

For generations, landowners in North Carolina have utilized French drains widely as a means of channeling water. This type of improvement helps prevent rain water from pooling in undesired locations. If offer assistance promoting drainage away from man-made structures.

This popular waterproofing measure uses a simple concept. Water flows downhill, from higher elevations towards lower points. A property owner may collect water run off from one site and transport it to another, preferred location.

Five Critical Aspects of a French Drain Installation Project

Although simple in concept, this type of improvement requires care to implement correctly. A faulty French drain installation produces poor results. Also, a property owner may even incur unforeseen expenses and delays. Avoid these problems by paying close attention to five aspects of this important water management project:

1. Direct Water Flow Carefully

First, always ensure a French drain installation does not cause water run off problems for neighboring landowners. The drain may release water onto your own land. Alternatively, it may direct the flow into an approved wastewater run off channel. Lawsuits have arisen due to French drains that improperly spewed run off onto adjacent tracts. Being a considerate neighbor remains the best policy.

2. Maintain a Correct French Drain Gradient

A French drain installation will fail unless the contractor supplies an appropriate gradient. Most sources recommend an inch of depth per eight inches of length. However, many factors potentially impact the slope of the drain. It usually makes sense to discuss this issue with your contractor.

3. Use Recommended Materials

Another issue to address with your contractor concerns the project materials. Today, a variety of products promote French drain installations. Also, an experienced installer may offer assistance obtaining cost-effective supplies. For example, a licensed contractor usually enjoys options for buying perforated pipe (or drainage tiles) in bulk.

4. Install a Filter to Maintain The Anticipated Lifespan of This Improvement

Your contractor should enclose the perforated pipe or drainage tiles within an appropriate filter. This water permeable mesh or cloth helps reduce the buildup of silt and sediment inside the pipe. Adding a filter helps ensure the French drain maintains its anticipated useful lifespan. Sometimes overlooked, this aspect proves important in terms of the drain’s longevity.

5. Take Steps to Prevent Weeds

Finally, experts recommend implementing built-in weed control measures during a French drain installation. Many weeds favor wet locations, and they may seek to tap into perforated water pipes or tiles. These roots can quickly clog a functional French drain, for example. To prevent this problem, ask your contractor to deter weed growth by adding a landscaping fabric barrier. It remains water permeable, but blocks essential sunlight.

Considering these five aspects of French drain installation assists property owners. A correctly installed French drain supplies a valuable water run off management measure. It usually makes a noticeable difference in directing water flows across a yard!

Obtain Expert Assistance

Have you considered installing or maintaining a French drain on your North Carolina property? Furthermore, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers helpful assistance. We often provide French drain installation services. Additionally, we furnish a variety of innovative waterproofing technologies. Furthermore, contact us to help devise an effective, affordable improvement plan for your real estate.

Our firm specializes in construction projects geared towards creating dry, comfortable basements and crawl spaces. We also offer assistance managing yard drainage and water runoff. Also, our service area covers Raleigh, NC. We respond to client requests in nearby Durham and Chapel Hill, also. Our staff possesses personal familiarity with conditions in the Greater Triangle Area of North Carolina.

If you’d like to explore French drain installation, contact us at 919-877-9969. Please let us know the best time to speak with you. Lastly, we look forward to assisting you!

Why an Experienced Waterproofing Contractor Offers Long Term Solutions For Yard Drainage Issues

Today, property owners discover advantages in asking an experienced waterproofing contractor to solve yard drainage issues. Persistently soggy lawns and garden detract from the pleasure of owning real estate in the Triangle Area. Additionally, standing water sometimes contributes to damp basements and crawl spaces. It makes sense to address yard drainage issues within a comprehensive waterproofing plan.

Yard Drainage Issues

Yard Drainage Issues: A Common Problem

Most people in North Carolina have observed poorly draining lawns and gardens at one time or another. A heavy rain may transform a residential or business lot. Water collects in low-lying spots. The resulting puddles allow people and pets to track mud indoors.

Unfortunately, yard drainage issues sometimes cause these conditions to persist. Property owners may experience problems developing an attractive, lush lawn. Persistent pooled water will kill some landscaping plants. This problem creates barren, muddy patches and promotes the spread of molds and funguses in lawns. Small wonder so many residents of NC desire well-drained landscaping!

The Topography of The Yard Matters

Property owners who research yard drainage issues quickly learn the topography of the yard matters. Even along the same street, one yard may display excellent drainage, while another collects pooled water. The slope and grading of the land and the type of soil conditions usually impact puddle formation.

In some cases, obtaining a permanent solution for yard drainage issues requires assistance from an experienced contractor. It may prove vital to obtain excavation services, for example. Many strategies exist for promoting better water drainage. Customers usually save money by calling upon expert advice to correct this vexing problem.

Choose an Experienced Waterproofing Contractor

Why should you consider selecting an experienced waterproofing contractor to address a yard drainage issue? A number of excellent reasons support this decision. Just consider three advantages a knowledgeable contractor offers in this situation:

1. Obtain Accurate Yard Drainage Solutions

Fixing serious yard drainage issues frequently requires excavations. A waterproofing contractor with a background in construction offers reliable assistance. Most homeowners (and even many landscapers) lack experience conducting excavations. By contrast, a full-time waterproofing contractor utilizes professional grade tools and equipment to complete this type of project.

For example, one possible solution for correcting ponding in a yard requires the installation of a French Drain. Digging a swale may also resolve this problem, in some circumstances. An experienced waterproofing contractor can evaluate the surrounding topography carefully and recommend practical measures to correct drainage problems.

2. Ensure Yard Drainage Solutions Don’t Inadvertently Cause Other Waterproofing Problems

Unfortunately, poorly installed yard drainage solutions sometimes contribute to further waterproofing issues. It does little good to construct a French Drain in the wrong location, for instance. Similarly, placing a water cistern too close to building foundations may ultimately create additional waterproofing concerns.

Property owners gain peace of mind knowing they’ve selected an experienced contractor to resolve yard drainage issues. They gain the assurance excavations won’t cause more problems than they resolve. Additionally, they appreciate work will proceed efficiently, with the assistance of the correct tools and equipment. Hiring an expert ultimately helps solve yard drainage issues cost-effectively.

3. Seek Better Yard Drainage Over The Long Term

An expert waterproofing contractor also provides helpful information about the anticipated useful lifespan of drainage solutions. Over time, some improvements will require replacement. Furthermore, obtaining information about this topic from the outset aids property owners in performing better long term planning.

For instance, sometimes DIY efforts to correct yard drainage issues revolve around the installation of a “rain garden.” While this step will beautify a property, it fails to address the long-term consequences of water-saturated ground. Ultimately, a waterproofing contractor can help you include effective yard drainage solutions within a comprehensive Waterproofing Plan.

Request Waterproofing Services

Have your grounds developed persistent puddles and soggy patches? If you feel concerned about possible yard drainage issues, consider requesting our assistance. Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. serves clients throughout the Greater Triangle Area. Also, our President holds a license as a General Contractor in North Carolina. We specialize in waterproofing homes and businesses!

Request our services if you live in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill, NC. We possess extensive experience evaluating and correcting yard drainage issues. Our company offers expertise installing attractively covered French Drains, for example. We also dig swales and water cisterns for customers. Our services enhance property waterproofing.

In fact, we offer a full range of useful excavation and waterproofing skills. Ask us to supply foundation waterproofing repair services. We construct sump stations, install vapor barriers, and provide basement waterproofing and crawl space repair services, too. Call us now at 919-877-9969. Lastly, we look forward to speaking with you!

Address Yard Drainage Problems to Maintain Property Values

Yard drainage problems require corrective action. Without knowledgeable intervention, property owners may risk significant losses over the course of time. In the Triangle Area, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. helps customers develop affordable, practical solutions for yard drainage problems.

yard drainage problems

A Complex Issue

A variety of potential causes contribute to poorly draining yards. Also, as Global Warming intensifies, some experts fear harsh storm systems may impact coastal areas with greater frequency. Furthermore, these changes might well magnify water run off issues in other, more inland regions. Residents of North Carolina benefit by addressing yard drainage problems proactively.

Act Promptly

One important consideration in resolving yard drainage problems involves the need for a timely response. Delaying this important home improvement may allow water run off to damage realty. Just consider seven strong reasons to implement corrections as quickly as possible:

1. Poorly Draining Water Run Off Damages Lawns

Gravity causes water to flow downhill. The long-term ponding of water in depressions in lawns produces gardening problems. This situation eventually rots the root systems of turf grasses. Maintain adequate yard drainage systems to avoid this type of preventable property loss.

2. Weeds Flourish in Sites With Long Term Yard Drainage Issues

Additionally, a persistently damp, wet yard may produce environmental changes contributing to weed growth. Different species of plants thrive in variable conditions. By permitting low lying ground to transform into a seasonal pond, property owners sometimes greatly increase lawn care challenges. Weeds may intersperse grasses more easily.

3. Pooling Water in Yards Attracts Mosquitoe Infestations

One strong reason to correct yard drainage problems promptly in North Carolina involves preventing mosquitoe infestations. Also, some species of mosquitoes lay eggs in warm, shallow pools of water. During summer months, ponded yards in this region remain at risk of developing thriving mosquito populations. Also, these blood-sucking insects today spread many unwelcome diseases (including malaria, Zika virus, and West Nile virus).

4. Yard Drainage Problems Frequently Produce Erosion

Examples of erosion caused by water run-off prove numerous. As it drains across a lawn, water gradually carves channels into the ground. Furthermore, heavy flows may carry along topsoil, fertilizer, vegetation, and rock. Eventually, this unplanned run off produces exposed patches of bare earth. It may also leave debris strewn across driveways, sidewalks, patios, and roadsides.

5. Water Run Off Sometimes Causes Destructive Soil Shifting

Over time, yard drainage problems may lead to unplanned terrain changes. Run off degrades (or even collapses) hillsides in certain settings, for example. Soil shifting can occur underground in some places as a result of water drainage patterns. These issues occasionally result in damage to expensive landscaping.

6. Inadequate Yard Drainage Displeases Neighbors

Yard drainage problems often cause tension between neighbors. Property owners may discover inadequate drainage eventually threatens adjoining tracts. Also, most people don’t appreciate living next door to homes on waterlogged sites. Additionally, mosquitoes, weeds, and erosion sometimes impact neighboring yards (and property values) in negative ways. Today, HOAs sometimes initiate subdivision-wide efforts to implement effective water run off solutions.

7. Yard Drainage Problems May Produce Dank Basements And Crawl Spaces

Certainly, long-term dampness poses one of the most serious potential results of poor yard drainage. Also, saturated soil may allow water to pool underground next to foundations and basements. In some cases, run-off collects in unsealed residential crawl spaces. Furthermore, expensive repair bills may ensue from this type of uncorrected water damage.

Maintaining Waterproof Homes And Businesses

By ensuring adequate yard drainage, property owners in the Triangle Area of NC help prevent needless financial losses. Today, a variety of practical solutions help direct rain and melting snow into the desired run-off channels. From swales and water cisterns to French Drains and regrading, many useful improvements address yard drainage problems. Additionally, Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers experienced assistance to customers. We strive to offer cost-effective options to help protect realty against water damage.

Our company possesses extensive contracting and construction expertise. For fast assistance with any waterproofing concern, contact us at 919-877-9969. We serve customers in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Lastly, we look forward to assisting you!

A Quick Overview of Cleanup And Basement Repair After Flooding

Property owners across North Carolina request basement repair services for a variety of reasons. Indoor flooding frequently poses a problem. A large hot water tank may crack and spill gallons of water. Perhaps a broken washing machine overflows. Or a severe storm may allow runoff from a water-soaked, poorly draining yard to seep indoors.

basement repair

Do you know how to respond to these types of misfortunes? Effective basement repair requires seven key steps. Prudent commercial real estate owners consider all of these issues before rebuilding. It usually proves helpful to obtain professional assistance. Some businesses hire both water damage restoration cleaners and basement repair waterproofing specialists.

An Overview of Cleanup And Basement Repair

In most cases, comprehensive basement repair only occurs after some basic preparations. A property owner typically need to perform a number of important tasks first:

1. Determining The Source of Flooding

It proves vitally important to ascertain the source of the flooding (to the extent possible). Typically, runoff from rain or nearby waterways contains more contaminants than indoor floods involving tap water. Expect an overflowing creek to carry more mud into the basement than a broken dishwasher or a burst water pipe.

2. Taking Personal Safety Precautions

Never re-enter a flooded building until authorities authorize your return. Cut off gas to the site. Also, shut down electricity to rooms impacted by flooding. Always wear protective gear while performing cleanup. Experts recommend wearing rubber boots.

3. Evaluating The Condition of The Basement

Avoid wading into flooded areas whenever possible. Exercise caution walking on steps in flooded basements, for instance. Sometimes water may cause steps or other man-made structures to collapse.

4. Extracting Water

Professional water damage cleaning firms offer assistance extrating high volumes of water from basements. Flooded carpeting often contains a significant quantity of liquid. Water extraction must occur in order to perform effective cleaning and disinfection. Also, specialized water extraction equipment expedites this process. These machines prove more effective than conventional carpet cleaners or shop vacs.

5. Thoroughly Cleaning And Disinfecting Impacted Surfaces

Today, most experts recommend thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in contact with flood water. This process may involve removing sections of drywall, insulation, molding, and flooring. Additionally, bleach cleaning solutions help disinfect carpeting and some furniture surfaces that contacted flood water. Also, take furniture outdoors to perform cleaning. Different materials will require the use of specific cleaning agents.

6. Drying The Premises

Specialized restoration cleaners offer assistance to customers in drying flooded locations, too. Portable fans and dehumidifying equipment may prove helpful. In some sites, high humidity requires an extended drying period before rebuilding can commence safely. Avoid rushing to remodel before you achieve a completely dry site.

7. Obtaining Essential Basement Repair Services

Finally, rely upon the services of licensed contractors to assess basement and foundation damage. Basement repair sometimes requires excavations. In other cases, it may involve other measures, e.g. resealing windows or installing backup sump pumps. A knowledgeable contractor offers valuable assistance determining the extent of damage and the available repair options. Furthermore, implementing waterproofing measures often helps alleviate (or even prevent) some types of recurring flooding.

The Importance of Written Plans

Typically, today both water restoration cleaners and basement repair waterproofing contractors recommend preparing detailed written plans. This documentation assists clients by recording every measure taken to refurbish the premises. Keep a copy of these guidelines to show to your insurance adjuster. Additionally, business insurance policies sometimes offer assistance paying for restoration cleanup and basement repair services.

It usually proves helpful to photograph flooded business premises extensively before commencing a cleanup. Taking this step may assist an insurer in documenting the occurrence of an indoor flood. A contractor evaluating the need for basement repair services will likely also seek to photograph damaged sites. Keep copies of the photos to show to lenders, if applicable.

Request Expert Basement Repair Services

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. offers a full spectrum of basement repair and waterproofing services in NC. Our company specializes in commercial and new construction waterproofing. Also, we serve residential and commercial customers across the Greater Triangle Area.

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Basement Remodeling Waterproofing: Seven Ways to Fix Window Water Leaks

In the Triangle Area of North Carolina, property owners frequently perform basement remodeling. This project often helps increase real estate values. Also, remodeling improvements may add thousands of dollars to a home’s market price. Yet it remains important to obtain dry, water-free premises as an important first step. Seven helpful tips provide a way to fix ground-level window leaks during basement remodeling waterproofing.

Basement Remodeling Waterproofing

Remodeling Requires Dry Conditions

Since remodeling involves construction, property owners should not embark on this project without seeking a dry, waterproof basement. Dank, wet environments foster the development of molds and mildews. Money expended remodeling a damp basement often goes to waste.

Water enters basements in a number of ways. Windows sometimes permit water intrusions. Consider fixing window leaks whenever performing basement remodeling waterproofing. A knowledgeable waterproofing contractor offers useful assistance in completing this task.

Seven Tips to Correct Window Leaks During Basement Remodeling Waterproofing

Basement windows supply a number of benefits. These locations help fill the lowest level of a residence with natural light. In some emergency situations, a basement window may offer a valuable escape route from a home. Sometimes remodeling projects involve adding windows to help brighten poorly lit basements.

Yet it remains very important to fix window water leaks during basement remodeling waterproofing. Consider relying upon some (or all) of these seven useful steps:

1. Evaluate your home’s location carefully and fix poor grading.

Sometimes the gradient of the surrounding terrain permits water to flow into basement windows. Additionally, if the ground slopes directly towards these locations, problems cause by water intrusion may increase. Furthermore, a smart precaution to resolve window water leaks may involve re-grading the yard immediately outside the window. Sometimes, simply providing other channels for yard drainage helps alleviate some basement window water leak issues.

2. Assess any foundation drainage issues with care.

In this respect, checking the condition of any drains near the foundation also proves useful. Ensure these channels remain open and in good condition. Water should flow away from (not towards) the residence. Also, an experienced waterproofing contractor may offer valuable assistance.

3. Caulk (or re-caulk) existing windows and replace broken window glass.

Do basement windows display broken or cracked glass? Also, repair these defects. Are the window frames in watertight condition? In some cases, simply caulking or re-caulking around the window may resolve window water leaks.

4. Consider installing window wells (and safety covers) to promote better drainage.

To stop water from pooling outside a basement window, consider installing a window well. Today, many manufacturers also provide excellent transparent safety covers for these locations. Furthermore, the safety covers prove helpful in preventing accidents caused by people or pets accidentally falling into the window well. Consider obtaining professional window well and window safety cover installation.

5. Inspect gutters and downspouts and fix any leaks.

Another helpful measure involves inspecting the condition of your home’s rooftop gutters and downspouts. A clog or a leak in these systems might cause water to cascade directly around a basement window. Also, this situation increases the chance of a window water leak problem developing over time.

6. Install watertight replacement windows, if necessary.

Sometimes, homeowners discover a complete basement window replacement represents the best option for resolving water intrusions. Furthermore, many manufacturers offer excellent, well-constructed basement windows. Additionally, companies like Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. can provide skilled basement window installation services for waterproofing customers.

7. Don’t hesitate to install a basement dehumidifier.

Have you undertaken an expensive basement remodeling project recently? If a damp basement has caused problems in the past, consider taking aggressive measures to maintain waterproofing. You might discover value in installing a high quality basement dehumidifier. Also, maintaining new construction in a watertight condition helps prevent mold growth. Dank, persistently wet environments sometimes require costly basement remodeling repair measures.

Obtain The Assistance of a Waterproofing Contractor in NC

The skills of a full-time waterproofing contractor like Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. serve property owners during remodeling projects. We offer knowledgeable assistance performing basement remodeling waterproofing. For example, our company frequently fixes window leaks. We also install window wells, interior drains, and other waterproofing systems.

Raleigh Waterproofing, Inc. serves customers across the Triangle Area. Also, contact us for assistance if you reside in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill. We assist property owners in outlying locations, too. To speak with us, simply call 919-877-9969 now. Lastly, we look forward to helping you!