Crack injections: A way to fix the cracks

Crack injections

Have you ever wondered why construction workers put rebar inside concrete? Its because when cement cures it tends to crack, so by reinforcing it with rebar it becomes much stronger. In fact the majority of homeowners have cracking in the foundation of their home and don’t even know it. It’s not until they decide to utilize this basement space that they find the foundation cracks. So what can you do when you find out our foundation? One good solution is crack injections. Crack injection is the process by which a resin or grout (epoxy or polyurethane) is injected into a crack or void under high or low pressure. Polyurethane is flexible and is used to stop water leaks, while epoxy is a glue used to bond sections of a wall back together as a structural repair. If this sounds like a service you could use contact a local professional to get this important job done right.

Crack injections

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